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Grip Tools

All of our Grip Tools are designed, manufactured and tested by us in the UK.

We take great pride in our selection of grip tools and honestly, we just have an absolute blast creating and using them.

Hopefully you will too, creating some old classics and some completely unique tools for building grip strength and muscle.


There are 3 types of grip, crush, pinch and support. Each type of grip requires different focus and tools to develop:


  • Pinch grip is the strength between your fingers and thumb. You can actually develop a surprisingly strong pinch grip considering the size of the muscle group.
  • The best way to develop this is with Pinch Blocks, you can check out our full collection of pinch grip tools here.


  • Crush grip is the strength of your grip between your fingers and your palm. Crush grip is used for simple things such as shaking hands or opening stubborn jam jars.
  • One of the best ways to train your crush grip is with thick bars or hand grippers. We would recommend Rolling Handles, Thick Bars and Elite Series Grippers.


  • Essential for sports, support grip is the ability to hold onto something for a period of time. Exercises such as pull ups or rows will be improved by having good support grip.
  • Support grip is especially important in sports such as tennis, climbing or golf. Having a good level of support grip will help keep you at peak performance for longer. 
  • We recommend using a variety of grip tools combined with accessory work to increase support grip. You can view the complete support grip collection here.


The main benefit of training with and using grip tools is increased grip strength, with this comes a lot of other benefits. You’ll notice an increase in forearm strength and size. Increased and improved flexibility / dexterity in your hands.

If you’re performing lifts such as axle deadlifts, one handed rolling handle lifts, this will help develop back and leg strength.

Grip tools make grip training easy and fun. Most tools will require you to have a loading pin, this is used for you to load the weight on and attach your grip tools to the top. This allows you to perform weighted lifts.

Another great way you can train with tools is by hooking them up to cable machines using a carabiner. You can also add extra resistance by hooking a resistance band onto your carabiner too.


If you can’t find what you’re looking for we can probably make it. Our team is extremely efficient at designing and manufacturing high quality grip tools, weight plates and lifting equipment.

We can help bring your vision to life, just get in touch with us.