The Crush Club is home to the Elite Crushers of our highest rated Hand Grippers under certification rules.

The Rules

We have a basic set of rules that apply to all Hand Gripper Certifications and specific rules per category:

  • Magnesium carbonate (powdered chalk) is allowed and encougraged. The use of liquid chalk and any form of tacky is specifically disallowed.
  • You must not have any form of tape / bandage on either the closing or setting hand during the close.
  • The gripper must be a geniune Gods Of Grip Elite Series Gripper.
  • The gripper must be crushed spring facing up.
  • The handles must be shown clearly touching.
  • The hand gripper must be clearly shown before and during the attempt.

Elite Series Certification Rules

Elite Certifications will be based on two types of crush.

TNS Close

This is 'Table No Set' which is closing the hand gripper from fully open using one hand only with no set. This type of close out ranks a setting block close.

Set Close

This close allows a 'Set'. Using your free hand you can position the hand gripper in the gripping hand. The starting position can be no narrower than 30mm, the width of the GOG Setting Block. The setting block must clearly be shown fitting in between the legs of the hand gripper, then removed before commencing the crush.


We are allowing multiple repetitions that will be held in a leaderboard style. Each repetition for both TNS & Set closes must follow the rules for each attempt. There is a 60 second time limit from the beginning of the first repetition, after this any attempts will be invalidated.

Certification Levels

Men can certify on Elite 6 & Elite 7.

Women can certify on Elite 3 and above.


    Please send a video of your full close to

    If you have uploaded this onto social media tag us @godsofgrip and we can review your close there.