How to Increase Grip Strength At Your Workplace

How to Increase Grip Strength At Your Workplace

If you're looking to improve your grip strength you’ve come to the right place. We keep it simple with a couple of ways you can increase your grip strength.

If you're looking to increase your grip strength ad your workplace.. Then you’ve come to the right place. We will keep it simple listing a couple of ways you'll be able to increase your grip strength pretty quickly.

Let’s face it, you use your hands for pretty much everything, carrying the shopping, typing at your desk, opening a jar of peanut butter as well as crushing some deadlifts in the gym.

A lot of people struggle with getting sore wrists / fingers whilst working at a desk all day. We will look at a few ways you can stretch / work on your grip throughout the day.


If you're working at a desk all day then you will have lots of time to perform a few of the exercises below, these will improve your mobility and grip strength without much daily effort and over time it will all add up!

If you do 10 minutes of stretches a day 5 days a week that's nearly 2 days of solid stretching in 1 year!

Palms Up

You can do this one sitting down, press the bottoms of your fingers up against the desk, palms in the air. Great for getting a stretch in the wrist and up the forearm.

As a variation you can do this one finger at a time holding each one for a few seconds, after this you will feel an instant release!

Palms Down

A similar style to the Palms up, you need to be standing for this one. Stood next to your desk turn your hands so your palms are facing forward, fingers pointing back, or as far back as you can. 

Then press down fingers first, this again will give a great stretch up the wrist and into the forearm, you may also feel this relieve some pressure in your fingers. 

Prayer Stretch

This one can be performed seated or standing. Simply place your hands together fingers pointing upwards. Elbows out, you want to try and push down towards your groin to get a deeper stretch. Try to keep your palms together.

prayer hand stretch

Finger Exerciser

The number one accessory for recovery and strength. These finger exercisers are really easy to keep on your desk and just use throughout the day.

finger strength exerciser

Available in 3 levels of resistance you can start out low to help develop a solid foundation of strength. They will also help develop your tendons, reducing the risk of rsi and wrist pain.

finger strength exerciser

Just loop the finger exercisers over your fingers and expand your hands outwards.

Try to do a couple of sets of 10 throughout the day.

Grip Rings

Available in 6 different resistances, our grip rings allow you to select a resistance to suit your needs.

  • Preventing aches and pains - 30lb - 40lb
  • Maintaining grip strength - 50lb - 60lb
  • Building grip strength - 70lb - 80lb

As with everything on this list, they are compact, easily to keep on your desk or in your work bag and pack a punch.

grip training ring

Just keep it next to your keyboard and crush it throughout the day, try aiming for sets of 10 reps 5 - 6 times a day.

grip training ring

You'll soon notice a development in your grip strength and hopefully a reduction in any aches and pains!

Hand Grippers

The number one for building crushing grip strength. Easy to use, portable and cost friendly. 

Adjustable Gripper

Starting out with the adjustable gripper. With soft padded handles and ergonomic design. They are the perfect training aid to keep on your desk and crush throughout the day. They adjustable resistance allows you to start off easy and raise the resistance as you get stronger.

Providing stimulus in the hand, wrist and forearm, they will help prevent injuries, aches and pains, as well as build your grip strength.

Rated Grippers

Looking for something with a little more oomph? Rated grippers provide a much tougher challenge when compared to adjustable grippers. These are for the people looking to really grow a solid level of grip strength.

closing a hand gripper

Plus if you pick up one of our colour coded Godlike Grippers, they look awesome on your desk too!

hand gripper

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