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Your ultimate grip resource.

We provide a vast range of grip equipment for training all aspects of your grip. All of our grip tools are UK made which is something we're really proud of. Whether your building strength, recovering from an injury or just looking to bulk up, we have something for you.


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FREE Grip And Forearm Training GuideFREE Grip And Forearm Training Guide
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Finger Strength Exercisers Set Of 3Finger Strength Extensor Bands
Finger Strength Extensor Bands
Sale priceFrom £2.95 Regular price£3.95
14 reviews
Grip Training Rings Full SetGrip Training Ring Open
Hub Pinch Grip Training ToolHub Pinch Grip Training Tool
Grenade Grip BallsGrenade Grip Ball 80mm
Grenade Grip Balls
Sale priceFrom £19.95
8 reviews
Save £5.00
Pinch Block Grip Training ToolsPinch Block Grip Training Tool
Pinch Block Grip Training Tool
Sale priceFrom £29.95 Regular price£34.95
16 reviews
Gripsters Choice
Godlike Rolling HandlesGodlike Rolling Handle
Godlike Rolling Handle
Sale priceFrom £59.95
13 reviews
Save £2.00
Adjustable Hand Gripper OrangeAdjustable Hand Gripper Blue
Adjustable Hand Gripper
Sale price£5.95 Regular price£7.95
11 reviews
Elite Series Hand GripperElite Series Hand Grippers Lifestyle
Updated PackageSave £31.75
Hand Gripper Training Package BeginnerHand Gripper Training Package Intermediate
Hand Gripper Training Packages
Sale priceFrom £35.95 Regular price£67.70
24 reviews
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Finger Strength Resistance Bands - V1Finger Strength Resistance Bands - V1 Blue
Finger Strength Resistance Bands - V1
Sale priceFrom £0.99 Regular price£3.99
No reviews
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Gods Of Grip T-Shirt - White #colour_whiteGods Of Grip T-Shirt Back
Gods Of Grip T-Shirt - White
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Save £2.00
Heavy Duty Wrist RollerHeavy Duty Wrist Roller
Heavy Duty Wrist Roller
Sale price£27.95 Regular price£29.95
6 reviews
Save £15.85
Rolling Handle Starter BundleRolling Handle Starter Bundle
Rolling Handle Starter Bundle
Sale priceFrom £89.95 Regular price£105.80
5 reviews
Godlike Grip Liquid ChalkGodlike Grip Liquid Chalk
Save £4.56
Steel Bending Starter BundleSteel Bending Starter Bundle Wraps
Steel Bending Starter Bundle
Sale price£22.95 Regular price£27.51
8 reviews
Save £0.50
Godlike Grip Powdered Gym ChalkGodlike Grip Powdered Gym Chalk
Godlike Grip Powdered Gym Chalk
Sale priceFrom £5.45 Regular price£5.95
54 reviews
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Heavy Duty Power TwistersHeavy Duty Power Twisters
Heavy Duty Power Twisters
Sale priceFrom £19.95 Regular price£24.95
3 reviews
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Godlike Hand Gripper - Hades 300lb BlackGodlike Hand Gripper - Hades 300lb Black
Godlike Hand Gripper - Hades 300lb Black
Sale price£14.95 Regular price£16.95
5 reviews
Gods Of Grip Olympic Loading PinGods Of Grip Olympic Loading Pin With Carabiner
Olympic Loading Pin
Sale priceFrom £35.95
12 reviews
Strongman Grip Training GuideStrongman Grip Training
Save £2.00
Suede Leather Steel Bending WrapsBlack Suede Leather Steel Bending Wraps
Suede Leather Steel Bending Wraps
Sale price£5.99 Regular price£7.99
5 reviews
The Ridge Pinch GripperLifting The Ridge Pinch Trainer
The Ridge Pinch Gripper
Sale priceFrom £22.95
3 reviews
Save £2.00
Dynamite Stick Vertical BarDynamite Stick Grips
Dynamite Stick Vertical Bar
Sale priceFrom £22.95 Regular price£24.95
5 reviews
Forearm Hammer LeverForearm Hammer Lever With Collar
Forearm Hammer Lever
Sale priceFrom £34.95
4 reviews
Save £29.22
The Short Steel Bend BoxSteel Bend Card
The Short Steel Bend Box
Sale priceFrom £44.95 Regular price£74.39
18 reviews
ClearanceSold out
Godlike Figure 8 Lifting StrapsGodlike Figure 8 Lifting Straps
Godlike Figure 8 Lifting Straps
Sale price£4.95 Regular price£9.95
No reviews
Save £17.80
Grip Tool Starter BundleGods Of Grip Grip Tool Starter Bundle
Grip Tool Starter Bundle
Sale price£89.95 Regular price£107.75
12 reviews
Save £0.50
Heavy Duty Snap Hook CarabinerHeavy Duty Snap Hook Carabiner On Loading Pin
Heavy Duty Snap Hook Carabiner
Sale price£3.45 Regular price£3.95
1 review
Accessory Of The WeekSave £5.00
Piano Grip Finger ExerciserPiano Grip Finger Exerciser Blue
Piano Grip Finger Exerciser
Sale price£2.95 Regular price£7.95
1 review
Olympic Axle CollarsOlympic Axle Collars Black
Olympic Axle Collars
Sale price£9.95
5 reviews
Save £1.00
Star Hand Grip ExercisersStar Hand Grip Exercisers
Star Hand Grip Exercisers
Sale priceFrom £3.95 Regular price£4.95
3 reviews
Elite Series Hand Grippers Master Set PromoElite Series Hand Grippers
Elite Series Hand Grippers Master Set
Sale price£134.95 Regular price£160.65
5 reviews
ClearanceSave £5.00
Godlike Shaker Bottle 600mlGodlike Shaker Bottle 600ml
Godlike Shaker Bottle 600ml
Sale price£4.95 Regular price£9.95
1 review
Save £0.50
Nail 6" x 6mm - 2.5 Star
Nail 6" x 6mm - 2.5 Star
Sale priceFrom £0.50 Regular price£1.00
1 review
GOG Short Steel 6" x 5mm - 2 Star
Elite Series Hand Grippers Intermediate SetElite Series Hand Grippers
Elite Series Hand Grippers Intermediate Set
Sale price£59.95 Regular price£68.85
No reviews
Black Series Short Steel - 8mm x 7.5" Goibniu 4.5 Star
Save £3.00
black thumb tapeRed Thumb Tape
Official Thumb Tape
Sale priceFrom £1.95 Regular price£4.95
19 reviews
Save £10.00
Hand Gripper Heaven - New AwakeningHand Gripper Heaven - New Awakening
Hand Gripper Heaven - New Awakening Book
Sale priceFrom £19.95 Regular price£29.95
6 reviews
ClearanceSave £11.00
Heavy Duty Wrist Wraps
Heavy Duty Wrist Wraps
Sale price£3.95 Regular price£14.95
No reviews
GOG Short Steel 6" x 6mm - 3.5 Star
GOG Short Steel 7" x 6mm - 3 Star
Save £5.00
The Beast 2 Handed Pinch BlocksThe Beast 2 Handed Pinch Block Front
The Beast 2 Handed Pinch Block
Sale price£39.95 Regular price£44.95
1 review
GOG Short Steel 7.5" x 8mm - 5 Star
Official GOG Bend Card
Save £4.00
Essential Hand Grippers SetEssential Hand Gripper Group
Essential Hand Grippers
Sale priceFrom £12.95 Regular price£16.95
1 review
Narrow Pinch BlockNarrow Pinch Block Side
Sold out
Thick Grips Pair - RedThick Grips Pair - Red
DownloadSave £15.01
Crushed To Dust Training Guides - 4 Guides In 1Hand Gripper Heaven New Awakening
Crushed To Dust Training Guides - 4 Guides In 1
Sale priceFrom £44.95 Regular price£59.96
2 reviews
Gods Of Grip Trustpilot Reviews
Gods Of Grip Trustpilot Reviews