My grip training journey started in early 2018, as a competitive strongman, I began learning about the benefits of a strong grip. Researching different ways on how to improve grip strength, what tools were best to use, I found there was very little information on anything to do with grip.

Tom Lymath Grip

My interest with grip turned into fascination, learning about the different types of grip and different training methods. I soon realised just how complex grip training was, basically I'd crawled into the rabbit hole and started to discover just how deep it was. 

The lack of information on the internet gave me the idea to start writing blogs about methods I started using in my own training. I was trying out different styles and even creating some basic grip equipment using old bits of pipe and rope. 

Gods Of Grip Begins

Gods Of Grip was established in 2018 with the aim to provide and create grip training articles, training tips and a pipe dream of making our own equipment.

Gods Of Grip 2018

As interest grew and I began learning more about the wonderful world of grip. The Grip Shed was created, the home of all our equipment and training hub. Myself and Laura trained out of the grip shed with a variety of different equipment. This is when we started experimenting with new grip tools and other equipment.

Fast forward a few years (4 years at the time of writing this) and here we are. Our first grip competition is this summer and we can’t wait! We now manufacture a great variety of grip tools, equipment and hand grippers. I still love creating articles and writing about all things grip.

We're proud to Design, Test and Manufacture the vast majority of our products in the UK.

The Gods

As we are a very small team, we’re committed to providing the best customer experience, answer any questions and give advice.

We're always happy to help with any aspect of grip training, after all it's our passion and something we truly believe in.

Tom Lymath

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As I mentioned above, my grip training journey began in early 2018. After a hip injury I was sidelined from strongman training for a few months. This gave me the time to learn and develop a new area, which Is when I fell in love with grip training. Since then I've not looked back, grip training has taken over, it is my hobby, my passion and now my day job (I say day job, it’s 24/7).

What’s your favorite grip lift?

"I love pinch training, so I’d have to say one handed pinch block. or just doing stupid things with blobs."

What are your grip goals?

"At the moment I’m working towards a one handed clean and press with the 78kg Inch Dumbbell."

What's your primary sport?

"Grip, grip and a little more grip"

What is your weakness?

"I'm partial to a slice of cake."

What's your socials?

"Instagram @thegripfather"


Laura Gods Of Grip

Where to start. Laura has been the rock behind the growth of Gods of Grip. She fulfills every order, provides exceptional customer service and most of all keeps me in check. Since taking up grip training she has developed a solid level of strength. Holding the World Record in a few different rolling handle and pinch lifts.

Learning about grip has given her some great ideas for grip training tools, the ridge is her latest invention. It’s an awesome tool for climbers and finger pain fanatics.

What’s your favorite grip lift?

"Rolling handle"

What are your grip goals?

"Lift 50kg on the 50mmmm GOG rolling handle"

What's your primary sport?

"Packaging parcels"

What is your weakness?

"Trying to please everyone"

What's your socials?

"Instagram @pinchprincessxx"

Gods Of Grip Athletes

Moving into the latter stages of 2022. We will be announcing our new athletes. We're on the lookout for up and coming athletes with a passion for grip training, if you think you've got what it takes click here.

The Future Of Gods Of Grip

Our goals for the future are just to continue to develop our line of grip tools. Innovate the grip scene, attend shows whilst also spreading the importance of a strong grip.

This year (2022) we are attending different events all around the UK including UK’s Strongest Man, Bridgeroad Barbell Strongman League and Southport’s Strongest Man. This is a great way for us to meet like minded people, show off some of our awesome grip tools and just have fun.

We’re also really excited to host our very first grip competition this summer. The Gods Of Grip Championships 2022, it’s going to be an amazing day. We can’t wait!

Grip Tools

We've created an awesome line of grip tools to help develop grip strength and target specific weaknesses.

Hand Grippers

One of the best grip training tools for ease of use and development of both grip strength and muscle.

Our Elite Series hand grippers are the ultimate grip trainer. Thicker handles, precision mid/harsh kurling and high performance springs. Available in 7 different resistances, are you upto the challenge of crushing them all?

The Godlike Grippers we're our first range of grippers, the first version released in early 2019. We've got the V3 version coming out a little later this year. They've been really popular since release thanks to their awesome colours, mid spread and soft/mid knurling.

Training Guides

Secret training techniques deciphered from ancient relics scribed by the Olympians themselves, our grip and forearm training guides have been modified for modern day use and are now available for download in our store.