Welcome to the Grip Plans. We currently offer a number of plans with limited space available.

You WILL NOT find a better service anywhere else. Forget generic training programs copy and pasted from the internet.

We want YOU to succeed and the best way to do that is by providing you with the BEST training methods for your goals.

We will create your program around your current training incorporate movements into your routine:

  • The best grip training methods
  • Proper technique and form training
  • Comprehensive accessory exercises
  • 100% unique training programs
  • We are always here to help
  • Combined over 25 years of experience

The ultimate grip training plan 100% customized to YOU.

This plan is a 4 week cycle of intense grip training and includes:

  • 1-1 Training Support
  • Tailored To Your Goals
  • Technique Training
  • Includes Warm ups, Training & Recovery
  • 100% Customized Training Plan
  • Get your first month for just £14.99 then £29.99 a month – Cancel anytime.

All positions on our custom grip training plans are full at the moment.

Please enquire here to find out possible available slots in the future.