The Crush Club is an exclusive list of people who have managed to crush our most challenging Grippers. 

crush club certificate

Can you defeat the mighty Hades?


Many have tried..

Most have failed..

Here you will find the strong..


Name Link
Tom Lymath Link
Sam Parker Link
Thomas Head Link
Carl-August Mertz Link


Sergey Goneko Link
Ethan Bird Link
Kyle Fullerton Link
‘Gripator’ Link
Emmanouil Marizas Link
Matt Freestone Link
Joe Kirkwood Link
Nathan Holle Link
'Aricunisi' Link
Michael Mash Link
Shane Miller Link
Giorgio Giannico Link
Mitch Jackson Link


Alex Taylor Link
Romana Davide Link
Jutta Lange Link
Jason Dawes Link
Daniel Roberts Link
Tom Black Link
Lucca Romano Link
Oliver Dilley Link
Shaun Ribble Link
Stu Allison Link
Evgeniy Schwartz Link
Whos next?


Think you've got what it takes? Read the rules here.