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Hand Gripper Training Package Beginner Hand Gripper Training Package Intermediate
Hand Gripper Training Packages
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Elite Series Hand Grippers Master Set
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Adjustable Hand Gripper
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Elite Series Hand Grippers
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Elite Series Hand Grippers Intermediate Set
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Crush Grip Bundle
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Essential Hand Grippers
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Elite Series Hand Grippers Beginner Set Elite Series Hand Grippers
Elite Series Hand Grippers Beginner Set
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Elite Series Hand Grippers Advanced Set
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IronMind Captains Of Crush Hand Gripper
Captains Of Crush Hand Grippers
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Godlike Grip Package Grip Rings Full Set
Godlike Grip Package - Ultimate Accessory Bundle
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Elite Series Hand Grippers Expert Set Elite Series Hand Grippers Custom Set
Elite Series Hand Grippers Expert Set
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GOG 30mm Setting Block GOG 30mm Setting Block
GOG 30mm Setting Block
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Pre-Rated Hand Grippers
Pre-Rated Hand Grippers
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Hand Grippers

Hand grippers are an excellent, versatile grip training tool. Perfect for using on the move, from the comfort of your home or even as a warm up in the gym. Hand grippers will help increase crush grip strength, support grip strength and develop forearm muscle. 


There are a few different types of hand grippers, each has their own benefits and limitations:

Adjustable grippers: These are the perfect entry level for new grip trainers or for recovering from a wrist / hand injury. With padded handles and a low resistance level, you can slowly build up your grip strength and improve hand strength.

Rated grippers: A step up from the adjustable grippers, with knurled handles providing extra traction, this is where things start to get serious. With resistances starting out for beginners all the way up to super human strength, you’ll notice the springs are much larger on these grippers.

Essential Grippers: Our range of Essential Grippers has been created in a variety of colours, easy identification for when you’re training and they just look awesome right? Perfect if you’re looking to add a splash of colour to your home gym and improve your grip strength.


GOG Elite Series: Our range of UK Manufactured hand grippers, uniquely designed by us they are, we feel the best hand gripper available on the market right now. Perfectly knurled, hand wound springs and thicker handles provide exceptional feel and performance.

IronMind: The famous Captains Of Crush hand grippers are available in our store. Manufactured in the USA they are one of the best selling grippers Worldwide. Available in limited quantities we often re-stock quarterly throughout the year,

Essential Grippers: Our original and first set of hand grippers. Released in early 2019 the essential grippers provide a softer knurl and slightly narrower spread. This makes them an essential addition to any collection. Ideal for entry level gripsters or even the most battle hardened crushers.


Using hand grippers provides many benefits. When it comes to grip training, forearm muscle and strength there really isn’t a much better grip tool you’re going to get for the price and ease of use.

Grip Strength: The main reason most people use hand grippers is for the increased grip strength. There are 3 types of grip, crush, support and pinch, hand grippers mainly develop crush grip whilst also increasing support grip.

Hand grippers work by engaging the muscles in the forearm, just by squeezing your hand together you can feel how the forearm engages. Adding some resistance to this motion is the best way to develop strength.

If you’re new to grip training, you’ll notice results very quickly.

Forearm Muscle: One of the hardest muscles to develop for a lot of people is the forearm. Luckily for you, hand grippers specifically target the muscles of the forearm.

Notably our Elite Series hand grippers, with the slightly thicker handles are amazing for developing some series forearm muscle. Working on a higher rep range will burn out the forearms and work on really packing on the muscle.

Want to see some results? Check out our hand gripper experiments.


This is a question we get asked on a regular basis, so we created a chart of our hand grippers to show the exact progression levels and a recommended entry point depending on your current level of strength. It can be hard to gauge your current level of grip strength so we would recommend purchasing a set.

This means there is room for progression and allows you to use the lower resistance as a warm up gripper, the mid gripper for working sets and the higher resistance gripper as a target.


Hand grippers are really easy to use. With the spring at the top, you should place one leg of the hand gripper in the palm of your hand and wrap your fingers around the other leg of the hand gripper.

Then you simply squeeze as hard as you can until the legs touch, that is one repetition. If you place your other hand on your forearm you will notice the muscles instantly engage. If you're specifically looking to increase forearm muscle check out this post.

We would recommend training 2-3 times a week with around 5 sets of 10 repetitions, per hand, per session. It’s important not to overtrain, especially when you first get your brand new hand gripper, we know it’s tempting! If you’re looking for more in depth training you can check out our hand gripper training articles.