You can train each type of grip using a variety of methods, the best way to develop overall grip strength is routinely training each type of grip.

types of grip

This can seem confusing at first but once you get used to some of the movements / exercises it should become part of your regular gym routine.

Crush Grip

Crush grip is the grip between your fingers and palm. A typical example of this would be if you were to close your hand as tightly as you can. This is the crushing motion.

crush grip training

We find the most effective ways to train your crush grip are by using hand grippers, thick bars / axles and rolling handles. Performing exercises such as deadlifts and rows in the gym will help develop your crush grip.

Pinch Grip

Pinch grip is the strength between your finger and thumb. Probably the least common used in every day life, but a strong pinch grip enables you to perform some awesome looking grip feats.

pinch grip training

Plate pinching is an extraordinary feat of strength and a great way to train your pinch grip. Have you ever tried pinching 2 x 20kg smooth sided plates? Well you should.. It's a lot harder than it looks and a great goal to shoot for.

Our favorite ways to train pinch grip are, well using a pinch block obviously. They are the perfect grip tools for exploding your pinch grip strength.

pinch grip

They are available in all shapes and sizes, each one possess its own individual challenge.

Support Grip

Support grip is extremely important. This is basically your endurance or how long you can hold onto something. In the wonderful world of grip, we like to push ourselves to the limits, and ensure all kinds of strange pain.

support grip

Performing lifts for 'hold time' are an excellent way to train your support grip. Performing regular gym exercises such as deadlifts, rows and pull ups are all very good for developing support grip.

support grip training