We compile all the data of every hand gripper we rate into our hand gripper ratings data spreadsheet. You can see the results below to compare how your gripper matches up.

Last Updated 20.08.22 - All ratings are in LBs  

Elite Series Grippers

The Elite Series Grippers are one of our proudest creations to date. Designed, manufactured and tested in the UK by our team. Revolutionizing the hand gripper with our mid / harsh knurl, thick handles and mid / wide spread. Finished in a shiny silver aesthetic with black coated spring. They are the ultimate hand gripper.

Our early ratings - We've only managed to rate a small number so far so these figures may change over the coming weeks.

GOG Elite Series Avg Min Max Qty
ESG1 46 46 46 23
ESG2 58 55 60 12
ESG3 77 73 78 13
ESG4 95 92 101 18
ESG5 121 113 125 26
ESG6 158 148 163 15
ESG7 173 166 179 9

Godlike Grippers

The Godlike Grippers we're the first range of grippers we released back in 2019. An excellent entry level gripper with an amazing aesthetic. With low / mid knurling, they cause minimal abrasion on the hands whilst the narrower spread makes them more accessible for all hand types.

Godlike Grippers Avg Min Max Qty
Poseidon 51 46 52 44
Tlaloc 62 55 66 47
Achilles 86 80 90 63
Hephaestus 117 109 124 91
Hades 152 146 163 94

Ironmind Captains Of Crush

One of the most popular grippers worldwide. Captains of crush are available in a wide range of resistances. Manufactured in the USA from top quality materials. It's safe to say Ironmind know what they're doing.

Captains Of Crush Avg Min Max Qty
#0.5 67 64 70 6
#1 75 70 83 4
#1.5 84 79 89 12
#2 108 101 116 19
#2.5 122 114 134 23
#3 144
138 154 32
#3.5 171
163 182 18
#4 208 199 222 12

Complete Comparison List

We've compiled all the data and ranked all of the grippers we have available on our website. This should help let you pick the perfect gripper for your level of strength.


What other grippers would you like to see on our list? Let us know.

What does hand gripper rating mean?

Rating a hand gripper just means you will be given an accurate figure of what weight is required to close the hand gripper (legs touching). We currently provide this value in LBs.

Why is the hand gripper 'rating' different from what's on the gripper?

The poundage rating given to the hand grippers is provided by the spring manufacturer. This is the strength required to completely close the spring. The addition of handles reduces the range of motion required to close the spring, so the rating required is less. With our Elite Series Hand Grippers we manufacture the springs ourselves, each spring is uniquely made to the exact specification of the last.

Spring strength

Each spring has a slightly different tension, this is barely noticeable at a low level but when you start getting up above 100lb's these can vary by +/- 10lb, which is a noticeable difference. It can make closing a certain hand gripper much more difficult than you would expect.

Why should I get my hand grippers rated?

Getting your hand grippers rating is a great way to ensure you are training towards your specific needs. For example you might have bought a 100lb hand gripper but the accurate rating could be 105lb and this will answer why you feel it is taking you longer to close it than you thought it would.

Accuracy and precision is vital when it comes to training and hitting your goals.

Why we provide these ratings

Providing this information is, we think essential. There are many different types of hand grippers, each manufacturer offers their own ratings but depending on spring quality, material and how well wound they are, the poundage can differ greatly. This is why we think using rated grippers is the best way to progress your training.

If you would like to get your hand grippers rated you can check out this page, or for more information click here.