In our global quest to spread the word about the power of a strong grip, we're all about hooking up gyms with our awesome UK made grip training tools.

It's like a win-win situation! Not only do we get the word out about our brand, but we also help gyms step up their game and keep things exciting for their members.

You see, our equipment is a game-changer, introducing folks to new ways of getting fit and sparking a sense of curiosity and community. Together, we're creating a fun, strong, and tightly-knit fitness family, where everyone can level up their grip, forge connections, and make their fitness journey way more interesting.

Let's make the world a grip-stronger place, one gym at a time! 💪🌍

What's In It For You

  • Exclusive Discount Code: We provide a unique discount code for gym members to enjoy savings on our grip equipment.
  • Rewards Scheme: Our partnership includes a rewards program, offering perks for both gyms and members.
  • Unlimited Chalk Supply: Say goodbye to running out of chalk! Gyms receive unlimited chalk supplies.
  • Social Media Exposure: We'll shine a spotlight on partner gyms through our active social media channels, helping boost their online presence.
  • Hosted Grip Events: We help organise exciting grip events and competitions at partner gyms to engage members.
  • Monthly Prototype Draw: Gyms can participate in our monthly prototype draw to test out upcoming releases.
  • Sponsored Events: We can supply any equipment needed for events, or even create something you'd like!
  • Gods Of Grip Banner: A free banner for your gym, a variety of sizes and designs available to suit your style.

What's In It For Us

  • Expanded Brand Reach: Partnering with gyms extends our brand's reach to fitness enthusiasts.
  • Brand Promotion: We gain exposure within the fitness community through sponsored events and banners at partner gyms.
  • Product Testing: Gyms provide valuable feedback on our equipment, helping us improve and innovate.
  • Community Engagement: Hosting grip events and competitions fosters a strong, engaged community around our brand.
  • Product Visibility: Our equipment at partner gyms becomes a visible advertisement for our products.
  • Feedback Loop: The rewards program and prototype draws facilitate a feedback loop for continuous improvement.
  • Collaborative Creativity: Collaborating with gyms sparks creative ideas and product development opportunities.

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