So you want to know the average grip strength? Luckily for you we’ve been doing our homework..

Grip Strength is often an area of strength training that is overlooked, it is also often an area we take for granted and generally don’t do any hand grip specific exercises for.

The older we get generally the weaker our grip gets, this is usually a well tested area as we get older. It is used as a proxy for general muscle condition and overall strength.

You may be wondering what the average grip strength is, we have done our own extensive testing on the average grip strength and researching current results.

We found many results across the internet and some are very inaccurate so do not really represent average strength. This gave us the idea to start doing our own testing out there with the average person in many different environments.

You can see the full dynamometer results below.

Age Bracket (Years)

Right Hand (KG) Left Hand (KG)
10-12 17.3 15.2
13-15 28.4 27.4
16-18 35.6 32.6
19-21 42.1 40
22-25 44.3 41.6
26-30 44.5 43.1
31-35 46.1 44.5
36-40 50.7 46.9
41-45 48.8 47.4
46-50 46.2 46.1
51-55 42.6 43.5
56-60 39.5 39.1
61-65 35.3 32.5
66-70 32.1 31.6
71-75 30.6 29
76+ 28.6 21.4
  • Right Hand Average 10-80+ Years : 37.2kg
  • Left Hand Average 10-80+ Years : 34.7kg

We have also created an average for each age range we tested. These results will be changed each time we perform an average grip test. Currently we have tested over 500 people. 

Dynanometer Testing

Your hand grip strength can be measured in many different ways, the best example of which is probably a Dynanometer.

This is an instrument that will measure total output of force applied. They are very simple to use and can be a good guide if you are monitoring grip progression / regression.

We have been taking a large scale study in various places around the UK testing the average persons grip strength. To make this a fair test we have not included any second attempts by users to increase their score.

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Average Grip Strength Chart Analysis

Looking at these results you can expect to peak around your mid 30’s. Then slowly decreases and eventually levels out.

These results are both the same for men and women. The women’s peak and regression are less steep compared to the men’s We are yet to test average grip strength in other countries other than the UK so hopefully one day we can expand our results.

Right Vs Left Hand Average

Taking the average grip strength in people leads to some surprising results.

Right handed people may find they actually have a stronger grip with their left and visa versa. This may come as a surprise as you would think your ‘dominant’ hand would be the stronger! We have compiled the overall average grip strength of all people tested and compared right hand to left hand.

right hand vs left hand grip strength

The results are probably what I would have expected. Generally people will think their ‘strong’ hand will have a better grip than their ‘weak’ hand, but most of the time this is not the case.

Adjustable Hand Gripper

Another good way you can test out your hand grip strength is by using an adjustable hand gripper. These are widely used by a variety of different people and ours actually come at a 10-60kg resistance which is great if you are looking to just have a play around and build up some grip strength, at max the 60kg is pretty challenging for the average person.

adjustable hand gripper

You will be able to gauge your strength by giving them a squeeze and wherever you peak out its pretty easy to estimate the kg rating just look where the marker is!

Maintaining / Rehabilitating

If you are just looking to maintain your current level of grip and improve mobility, that is a great way to keep your hands healthy and hopefully maintain a good level of grip as you get older.

There are a few very simple ways you can do this, even at comfort of your own home, at work or out and about. They may even help take you into the strong grip category which is our goal! Make the average grip strong!


Wrist stretches will help keep the joints and tendons nice and loose, especially if you are working at a computer all day your wrists will generally get tight and you may start experiencing discomfort.

wrist stretches

Grip Training Rings

Our grip rings are excellent for promoting hand grip strength, blood flow and general finger dexterity.

grip training ring

Available In 6 different tensions they allow for beginners to have a good starting point, you simply want to squeeze these in your hands using different fingers and positions in the hand, if you don’t have one of our grip rings you can always try this with something similar such as a tennis ball.

grip training ring

This is currently becoming popular among sports athletes for warming up hands and preventing / rehabilitating injuries.

Finger Strength Exerciser

Another fantastic easy to use products that is currently available in our store is the Finger Exerciser, in 3 different resistances this is perfect if you are looking to improve your extensor hand strength or rehabilitate your hand / fingers after a strain or injury.

finger strength exerciser

The usual range of motion for our hands is to close, but rarely will we open it out, you may find if you are typing on a keyboard most of the day or using a mouse your hand my close up.

Using this finger exerciser will help bring back range of motion in your hand as well as relieving wrist pain. 

finger strength exerciser

Not So Average

If you’ve made it this far then were pretty confident you wont want to settle for an average grip strength!

We’ve included a couple of handy hints and tips on how to improve your grip strength below.

Above The Average

Grip Strength is something that won’t take long to build up to a decent level. After all, who wants to be average?

We certainly don’t and we don’t want you to be either. Some of the key ingredients are similar to that in every day life..

Be consistent with your training, make sure to leave time between training to recover ( something we struggle with) and don’t get ahead of yourself. Starting off with the basic accessories mentioned above will help start you off on your grip training journey.

warming up for grip training

They are great for warming up, improving dexterity and rehabilitation.. Perfect form setting you on the path to beat the average..

Crushing The Average Hand

Now were talking… This is what we love.. Huge Grip Power..

If you are serious about improving your grip and being way above the average then you have come to the right place.

We have a huge ever growing collection of grip training products, training guides and tips that will turn your measly average grip into earth crushing grip.

Flames will be rising from your hands.. Maybe not but you get the jist..

You don’t necessarily need any specific equipment to grow your grip strength but it will certainly help.

Starting off with something such as the adjustable grippers or a pair of rated hand grippers is a great point.