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What Are The 3 Types Of Grip

If I was to ask 100 people what they know about anything grip related and I think 80% of people would have limited or no knowledge at all about this topic

Did you know there are actually 3 different types of grip?

These types of grips are used in a variety of walks of life. Working on all types of grip will be beneficial even if you do not go to the gym.

Crush Grip

The first type of grip that we will look into is crush grip.  Crush grip uses the muscles within the arm known as the flexor digitorum superficialis.

flexor digitorum superficialis

In everyday life this type of grip is used when performing a firm handshake, opening jars or in crushing objects with pressure. In sports a nice frim crush grip can benefit many sports such as

  • Tennis
  • Squash
  • Golf
  • Badminton

All these sports require a good firm grip on the racket allowing good contact and aim with the ball or shuttlecock.

tennis racket grip

How To Develop Crush Grip

To improve this type of grip hand grippers and grip rings are ideal pieces of equipment to give you that super firm handshake or allow you to open that jar of jam you struggle with every morning. The Godlike Grippers will take your grip strength to the next level!

godlike hand gripper

As a beginner to grip I started using the adjustable hand grippers. This allowed me to increase the tension of the gripper when I felt my crush grip had improved.

This piece equipment is ideals for all beginners to grip as well as people who are experienced in training grip.

The grip rings plus are available in 6 different resistances 30lbs - 80lbs.

grip ring in hand

Using the lower resistance rings is best for warming up / active recovery training. The higher resistance rings are best used for building strength.

grip ring in hand

These rings can be used on the go as well as adapted into your training regime. I use my grip ring every day whether I am at work in the office of at home relaxing.

The more they are used the faster you will see crush grip improvements.

Pinch Grip

Pinch grip is the second type of grip that we will look into. This type of grip is a little more complex and probably is less known about.

pinch grip

Pinch grip primarily works the muscles between the thumb and index finger known as the adductor pollicis.

adductor pollicis

Everyone uses this type of grip every day. When unlocking and locking your house or car this grip is used. It requires the use of your thumb and the side of your index finger to hold and turn the key.

Key Pinch

A fun exercise I have been using to strengthen this grip is known as the half penny key style training tool. It requires the use of an old style penny, a loading pin and weights.

pinch grip

  • Drill the penny just below the middle
  • Attach a S hook to the penny
  • Attach the S hook to your loading pin
  • Place your thumb on one side and the side of your index finger on the other
  • Once you have tight grip use your legs to help lift the weight

There are different ways this equipment can be used to strengthen your grip but performing a hold for time is one of the most effective.

Pinch Blocks

When picking up objects such as books, plates of food and pens this type of grip is also being used. To increase your grip for these types of daily activities you can use pinch blocks . Pinch blocks allow you to really focus on the muscles included in pinch grip

pinch grip

This type of grip exercise can be done one handed or two. I complete this exercise two handed so I can lift heavier weights then usually switch down to one handed.

To perform this activity you will need a pinch block, a loading pin and weights. 

  • Place your thumb on the back of the pinch block
  • Place the rest of your fingers on the back
  • You want your hand to be as flush as possible to the block
  • Ensure you bend your knees and lift with your legs

Support Grip

The final type of grip we will look into is support grip. Support grip is an interest of many woman out there who love to shop.

This type of grip uses the muscles within the arm known as the flexor digitorum profundus.

flexor digitorum profundus

Everyday jobs that use this grip are things like carrying food shopping bags or carrying your handbag.

This type of grip is all about holding objects for long periods of time so it is working the endurance of the muscles. To improve this grip you have to be prepared for the endurance work on the muscles.

There are several different activities within the gym that can be done to strengthen this type of grip.

Farmers Walk

A farmers walk can be done to improve this grip. The two easiest pieces of equipment that can be Ied to complete this are dumbbells and kettlebells.
When starting out with the farmers walk I would use a light weight of possibly 5kg dumbbells until you get used to balancing and carrying the weights.

support grip

You need to ensure the grip on the equipment is solid. You should engage your core and remain in class from when walking.

To make this easier you can reduce the weight or distance you walk. When you become better in this even you can carry heavier weights or lengthen the distance you walk.

Ensure these adjustments are done in small stages. Pull ups and hanging on the pull up bar will also increase this type of grip.

support grip

The longer you can hand or the more pulls ups you can perform the stronger your grip will become.

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