Support grip is extremely important. This is basically your endurance or how long you can hold onto something. In the wonderful world of grip, we like to push ourselves to the limits, and endure all kinds of strange pain.



Prepare yourself for a world of forearm burn. An exceptional support grip training tool. Wrist rollers are great finishers to any session.

Simply attach the cable to a loading pin or weight plate / kettle bell and begin to roll.

You'll start off thinking, this is not so bad, get half way up and the burn sets in. This is great for training your endurance and also building forearm musculature.

Adjustable Hand Gripper



The perfect training aid to keep in your gym bag. Simply attach them to any barbell to increase the challenge and strain placed on the forearm.

Thick grips increase muscle activation during exercise increasing your muscular endurance.

Made from a quality high-density compound they will not compress under any stress. We highly recommend using thick grips for farmers walks, pull ups, pull downs and deadlifts.

What is Support Grip?

Support grip is your grip endurance. How long can you hold onto something without your hands peeling open? How many nails can you hammer into a wall without your arm giving up on you?

Developing strong support grip is essential for succeeding in your chosen sport.

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How to train Support Grip

Training support grip is probably the easiest of the three grips. As you use your hands for pretty much everything both in and out of the gym, there are a few tweaks you can make to improve your support.

We love thick grips, they are easily portable, keep them in your gym or gym bag. Put them on the barbell, cable machine or dumbbells and you're good to go. These make it harder for you to grip onto the bar so enhances your grips performance and endurance.

We also really like the wrist roller, it's an absolute forearm burner. This really helps to blow up your support grip if used regularly.

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Benefits of a strong Support Grip

A strong support grip is going to allow you to perform at your best for longer. A couple of examples of this are as follows:

Tennis - Ever been in the final set of a grueling match and felt like your arms can’t take it anymore? Training your support grip will help you push past and hopefully secure the win.

Strongman - The best example of this is in the farmers carry for distance, how many of you have still felt strong, but your hands just peeled open? Crush grip is what enables you to grip the farmers handle, but support grip is what helps keep your hands shut. A combination of both is required for a mammoth walk and probably the win.