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Thick Grip Farmers Walk HandlesThick Grip Farmers Walk Handles
Thick Grip Farmers Walk Handles
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Fingal's Fingers - Fingers Of The Gods
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Godlike Rolling HandleGodlike Rolling Handle
Godlike Rolling Handle
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Loadable Thors HammerLoadable Thors Hammer
Loadable Thors Hammer
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Olympic Strongman AxleOlympic Strongman Axle Close Up
Olympic Strongman Axle Bar
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Olympic Loading PinOlympic Loading Pin And Carabiner
Olympic Loading Pin
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GOG Latex Resistance Bands SetGOG Latex Resistance Bands Dimensions
GOG Resistance Bands
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Thick Grip EZ Curl BarThick Grip EZ Curl Bar
Thick Grip EZ Curl Bar
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Forearm Hammer LeverForearm Hammer Lever Dimensions
Forearm Hammer Lever
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Thomas Inch Dumbbell ReplicaThomas Inch Dumbbell Replica
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Godlike Grip Powdered Gym ChalkGodlike Grip Powdered Gym Chalk
Godlike Grip Powdered Gym Chalk
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Rolling Handle Starter BundleOlympic Loading Pin
Rolling Handle Starter Bundle
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Godlike Grip Liquid ChalkGodlike Grip Liquid Chalk
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Thick Grips Pair - Red
Thick Grips Pair - Red
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Thick Grip Olympic Dumbbell Handle PairThick Grip Olympic Dumbbell Handles
Olympic Short Loading PinOlympic Short Loading Pin And Carabiner
Standard Loading Pin (1")Standard Loading Pin (1")
Olympic Tall Loading PinOlympic Tall Loading Pin And Carabiner
Official Fat Gripz Extreme
Official Fat GripzOfficial Fat Gripz
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Thick Grip Straight Curl BarThick Grip Straight Curl Bar
Thick Grip Straight Curl Bar
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Gods Of Grip Trustpilot Reviews
Gods Of Grip Trustpilot Reviews



Strongman is a sport I've got a huge amount of love for. It's where I first developed my interest and passion for grip strength. Strongman equipment is just like the strongmen itself, big, strong and available in all shapes and sizes.

We're attending a variety of different strongman shows around the UK including UK's Strongest Man. Check out our events page and come see us!

Strongman Equipment

We've recently been delving into creating some of the standard strongman equipment, but with our Gods Of Grip twist.

Thick Grip Farmers Handles - Farmers handles, but THICK. We've increased the handle size on our farmers handles to 2" (50mm), this makes them even tougher to keep hold of whilst also helping to better engage your forearms during the movement.

Strongman Axles - We've created our axles in several different thicknesses, choose from standard 50mm axle, thick 64mm axle or extra thick 76mm axle. All of our axles are made without knurling and come with the option of a textured finish / raw.

Hercules Hold - Our Hercules Hold is currently in the works. We can't wait to show you the finished article. With the ability to easily add / remove weight and adjust the handle height / length. The Gods Of Grip twist on this already amazing event will blow your mind.

Fingals Fingers - Currently in the works. We are making our version of Fingal's Fingers in a variety of different lengths and weights. We understand that not every gym has room for a full set of 5 Fingal's Fingers, so the ability to select your preferred weight on each finger makes it much more cost effective and space efficient.

Strongman Grip Equipment

Focusing more on the grip heavy side of equipment. We've hand picked some of our grip specific equipment that has excellent carry over onto strongman.

Rolling Handles - Rolling Handles are an excellent tool for developing both crush and support grip strength. Simply clip onto one of our loading pins to get started. Thick bar training is an integral part of strongman training and theres nothing better to target it than with the rolling handle.

Pinch Blocks - Pinch training is excellent for developing thumb strength. Of all the muscles a strongman could train.. Why the thumb? The thumb is essential for aiding your ability to carry, load and keep a firm grip on implements. Don't let your grip, slip.

Warming Up / Cooling Down

Something every strongman should be doing, no matter how experienced you are. Warming up and cooling down is essential for preventing injuries and aiding recovery. One of the best training accessories we ALWAYS recommend for strongmen are Resistance Bands.

They are so versatile and honesly should be a part of your daily routine wether your pressing, pulling or even just smashing an arm session. Keep them in your gym bag, or if you choose to buy our full set, you get a free carrybag too!