Glenn Ross and his team work meticulously behind the scenes to get everything ready for the big weekend. It is a great honor to be a part of something so well organised and something everyone loves. Grip is a huge part of strongmen training and competing but not many people know this so we will be there to let people know and advise them on what they can do to improve their grip.

There have been several competitions held in advance, some at the end of 2021 and the rest at the beginning of 2022 to qualify for the 3 day UK’s strongest man final.

There are 16 athletes that have made it to this massive 3 day event. They have been split into 2 groups for the first day which are as follow:

Group A
  • Andrew Flynn (ENG)
  • Sam Duthie (ENG)
  • Matthew McCoy (IRE)
  • Louis Jack (SCO)
  • Chris Beetham (SCO)
  • Gavin Bilton (WAL)
  • David Ramplee (WAL)
Group B
  • Paul Smith (ENG)
  • Lewis Packham (ENG)
  • Joe Oliver (ENG)
  • Cillein Groom (IRE)
  • Andy Black (SCO)
  • Scott Milne (SCO)
  • Matt Dimond (WAL)
  • Desmond Gahan (WAL

Each day at half time there will be 2 world record challenges taking place.

Day 1 - Friday

We have Lucy Underdown who is the World record deadlift holder vs Rhianon Lovelace who is pound for pound the best deadlifter and they will challenge it out to see who can deadlift 500lb for the most reps.

The second record breaker challenge is being done by Mateusz Kieliszkowski of Poland who is attempting a Farmers Walk World Record.

Day 2- Saturday

Donna Moore who is 3 times world strongest woman vs Becca Roberts who is the current world strongest woman go head to head to see who is the best stone lifter on this planet. This stone run goes from 85kg, 100kg, 115kg, 130kg, 145kg and they must be loaded onto 4’3” barrels in the fastest possible time.

The second record breaker attempt is being done by Zydrunas Savickas of Lithuania who will be pressing a 150kg log for 10 reps to set a new world record.

Day 3- Sunday

Annabelle Chapman is going to break history by being the first woman ever to break the 300lb log press.

The second challenge is being done by none other Oleksii Novikov from Ukraine who will be attempting a timed Monster 5 Dumbbell Medley consisting of 80kg, 90kg, 100kg, 110kg and the huge 120kg Ulitmate Strongman Dumbbell which is yet to be pressed.

On the first day we have a sponsored event that the 16 athletes will compete in which is the car deadlift hold. This will be a good test or strength as well as grip endurance. Who will be the winner of the Gods of Grip Car Deadlift Hold???

Throughout the 3 day event we will have a stall on the concourse where we will be selling all kinds from Gods of Grip apparel to grip equipment to help you improve your grip strength and endurance. We will also have steel bending kits to purchase as well as accessories to help you warm up or recover from a hard grip session. If you are interested in getting into grip pop over to see us as we will have a test your grip strength area where you can talk with Tom and Laura to see what would best fit your grip journey and how to get started.

Can't wait to see you all there for what will be a fantastic weekend for everyone.