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Godlike Rolling Handles Godlike Rolling Handle
Godlike Rolling Handle
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WristMax - Wrist & Finger Trainer WristMax - Wrist & Finger Trainer Lifestyle
Forearm Hammer Lever Forearm Hammer Lever With Collar
OmniGrip Rolling Handle Attachments OmniGrip Rolling Handle Attachment Ellipse
OmniGrip Rolling Handle Attachments
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GOG Latex Resistance Bands Set GOG Latex Resistance Bands Dimensions
GOG Resistance Bands
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Thick Grips Pair - Red Thick Grips Pair - Red
Arm Wrestling Training Belt Arm Wrestling Training Belt
OmniGrip Rolling Handle OmniGrip Rolling Handle And Attachments
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Cone Puller - Hook Trainer Cone Puller - Hook Trainer
Cone Puller - Hook Trainer
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Wrist Roller With Strap
Wrist Roller With Strap
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WristBall Wrist Trainer WristBall Wrist Trainer
WristBall Wrist Trainer
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Official Fat Gripz Official Fat Gripz
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Official Fat Gripz Extreme
OmniGrip Double Rolling Handle Frame OmniGrip Double Rolling Handle Frame
Wrist Wrench Wrist Trainer Wrist Wrench Wrist Trainer
Wrist Wrench
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MultiPuller - Wrist & Forearm Trainer MultiPuller - Wrist & Forearm Trainer
Professional Arm Wrestling Table
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Stainless Multi Puller Stainless Multi Puller
Arm Wrestling Table
Arm Wrestling Egg Wrist Trainer Arm Wrestling Egg Wrist Trainer
GOG Commercial Arm Wrestling Table GOG Commercial Arm Wrestling Table Top
OmniGrip Double Rolling Handle Frame


The double OmniGrip Rolling Handle Frame allows allows you to double up on the handles and crush both arms at once.

Professional Arm Wrestling Table


If you're looking for something that's going to take a bit more of a beating, then the professional Arm Wrestling Table will probably be better suited, with tougher legs and cover, it can take anything you can throw at it.

Arm Wrestling

Training for Arm Wrestling outside of the table can be quite difficult. Finding the right tools and equipment for the job is essential.

Arm Wrestling is something that we’ve been interested in and learning more about over the last year or so.

Arm Wrestling training heavily relies on wrist strength, pronation / supination and power stemming from the forearm.


Most arm wrestling equipment is best paired with a cable machine or pulley on your table. This allows you to replicate similar movements and perform a variety of exercises with the ability to increase / lower the weight. 

Here's a few of our top picks.

The WristMax Arm Wrestling handle is great for developing your hand and wrist muscles, ligaments, and tendons. These are necessary for winning arm wrestling competitions and events.

It uses eccentric exercise to develop hand and wrist strength, power, and speed, as well as your ability to change directions quickly and effectively. The development of your tendons minimizes the likelihood of damage during training and games.

The WristBall is ideal for improving wrist strength, dexterity, and mobility. Wrist curls can be easily attached to any cable machine or loading pin and used to assist increase wrist strength.

The Cone Puller provides a cone-shaped hook training handle designed to specifically target the muscles, tendons, and ligaments required to perform an unbeatable hook technique flawlessly.

The Forearm Hammer Lever is a great tool for improving wrist and forearm strength. It's crucial to have a strong wrist in arm wrestling. The forearm hammer lever is an excellent instrument for strengthening wrists and forearm muscles. Use it without weight or add weight to the end for a more challenging workout.

Resistance Bands are the secret weapon for every arm wrestler. Resistance bands are an exceptional piece of arm wrestling training equipment. Allowing you to perform a wide variety of wrist curls and flexion movements with constant time under tension provided by the band.

You can also use these bands for warming up / cooling down, they really are a very versatile and essential training tool. If you don’t have a set of these, we highly recommend you pick some up.


There are numerous grip training movements that will immediately benefit your arm wrestling strength.

Wrist strength is one of the significant similarities. It's critical to develop a strong wrist for arm wrestling and grip-specific training.

You're on the correct track if you're working your wrist.

Wrist strength assists you to get into more efficient positions, which lets you wear down your opponent and accomplish pinning tactics. This is known as cupping in the field of arm wrestling.

Cupping is when the forearm muscles flex the wrist, bending the opponent's wrist back and substantially reducing their available leverage during the bout.