Thomas Inch Dumbbell
Grip Training Equipment

What Is The Thomas Inch Dumbbell - Can You Lift It?

To understand the who, what, why about the dumbbell itself. First let's look into the man who created and brought this wonderful dumbbell and it’s mysteries to life. Thomas Inch Thomas Inch was bor...
Top 5 Best Resistance Band Exercises For Big Arms
Arm Training

Top 5 Best Resistance Band Exercises For Big Arms

Resistance bands are an exceptional training accessory. You can even complete full workouts just using resistance bands, this makes them perfect for using at home or in the gym. We regularly use re...
Strongman Grip Training Equipment

Strongman Grip Training Equipment | Your Secret To Success

We have a keen interest in the sport of Strongman, it’s just thrilling to watch, entertaining and it’s also really fun training with some of the equipment. One thing we have noticed is actually the...
hand grippers tutorial

Top 5 Secret Training Tips To Crushing Hand Grippers Like A Pro

Hand grippers may look like a simple training tool. But what are the benefits? What’s the best way to use them? We’ve pooled our knowledge and experience into creating you a short snippet into the ...
The Power Of A Strong Handshake
grip strength

The Power Of A Strong Handshake - What does yours say about you?

With reality returning for most of us after lockdowns and social distancing. Handshakes are making a comeback. You've probably heard the saying "A picture speaks a 1000 words", this theory can be a...
finger fitness whilst climbing
finger strength

Finger Fitness - The Secret To Building Hand Strength

As we dig deeper into the mysteries and benefits of a strong grip, we’ve discovered that finger fitness is significantly important to both long term health and prevention of injury. Finger fitness ...
different grip trainers

Different Grip Trainers And How To Use Them

We will check out a few of our favorite grip trainers and guide you through how to use them, what the benefits are and the benefits you should expect.
Using Hand Grippers Everyday For A Month

Using Hand Grippers Everyday For A Month

Does using hand grippers everyday work? We experimented with this challenge. Documenting every day's training. Will it build strength? Develop muscle? Read more to find out.
Home Gym Equipment - Our Top 5 Affordable Accessories

Home Gym Equipment - Our Top 5 Affordable Accessories

This weeks blog focuses on how you can best kit out your home gym with some affordable equipment. Now that a lot more people are experiencing the joy's of training from home. We're going to give yo...