The Haynes Open

The Haynes Farm Open

Being asked to go down to the first ever Haynes Farm Open which is being held in Oxfordshire is a great honour. This independent strongman competition is being held on the 24th April 2022 on a working farm in the lovely village of Adderbury.


There will be 3 male categories; novice, inters and open as well as 2 female categories which will consist of novice and inters.

This competition starts at 10am with the following 6 events:

The Events

Event 1- Log for Reps
  • Novice Men - 80kg
  • Inters Men - 110kg
  • Open Men - 130kg
  • Novice Women - 30kg
  • Inters Women - 45kg
Event 2 - Max 12” Axle Deadlift

This will be 3 lifts per athlete and will work in a rising bar style. Weights for the athletes' lifts will be given on the day.

Event 3 - Farmers Medley

15m farmers carry followed by a 15m bale push.

Farmers carry weights per hand are as followed:

  • Novice Men - 90kg
  • Inters Men - 120kg
  • Open Men - 150kg
  • Novice Women - 40kg
  • Inters Women - 60kg
Event 4 - Tractor Push or Pull

This event is not being announced fully until the day. It will be 15m in total but it could be with a tractor pull with a harness or arm over arm but it could also be a tractor push. Only Paddy knows.

Event 5 - Farmers Tipple

Here is another event that is being kept under wraps until the day. Hmm Farmers Tipple what could this be?

Event 6 - Stone over Yoke

This is pretty self explanatory. The men’s bar will be 50” and the women’s bar will be 45” and the stone weights will be as followed:

  • Novice Men- 100kg
  • Inters Men- 120kg
  • Open Men- 160kg
  • Novice Women- 40kg
  • Inters Women- 80kg

This looks like a great well rounded competition with a couple of surprises in there along the way to keep you all guessing. We can’t wait to come down and watch you all compete on the day.

Spectators are allowed but please travel together on the day.

Test Your Grip

In addition to these events we will have a stall there on the day with hand grippers and a variety of grip tools for you to all have a go with.

There will be a mini side competition for men and women which will consist of max lift on the one and only GOG rolling handle. Women will lift the 50mm rolling handle and the men will lift the 64mm rolling handle.

A small prize from Paddy and ourselves will be up for grabs on this grip event.

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