Elite Series Hand Grippers

Elite Series Hand Grippers - The Journey

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The Elite Series Hand Grippers are the latest addition to our line of grippers.

They've been in the works for a long.. .long time. We wanted to make a unique styled hand gripper that provides exceptional performance and helps enhance the already very effective crushing motion.

The Journey Begins..

The first thing we wanted to develop was the handle. Theres certainly a lot more hand grippers on the market these days. A lot of them tend to use the same company and basically have the exact same hand gripper as each other bar the name.


We wanted to create something unique to ourselves.. We took inspiration from an old British company called Atom Gripz, from what we can find, they were the first company in the UK to manufacture their own hand grippers. The aesthetic was cool, clean and I really liked the dual ring effect.

We dug deep into the way hand grippers work with the muscles of the forearm and which muscles need to be targeted to improve strength and size. Learning how to improve this connection became our main focus 

This is when we started drawing out different styles of handle.

elite series prototype

Precision Engineered Handle

rafted from the highest quality aircraft grade aluminium, the Elite Series handles are lightweight, durable and perfectly knurled. The Elite Series handles are wider than most standard grippers. At 20mm thick, this allows the handle to sit more comfortably in your hand whilst also helping engage more muscles in the forearm. This is the key change we've implemented to increase performance and muscle growth. 

Elite series hand gripper close up

Meticulous Knurling

The knurling on the Elite Series grippers is simply outstanding. Due to the high level of machinery we were able to create a medium / harsh knurl. This allows you to crush the grippers without any slippage, whilst not tearing your hands apart 

Elite Series Hand Gripper Knurling


Probably the most difficult process through the whole creation was finding the right spring, what type of metal do we use? Do we want it bare? Coated? 

One thing we wanted to make sure of was getting the ratings as consistent as possible minimising the difference between grippers, especially at the highest level. From initial testing we seem to have nailed this aspect, but time will tell.

elite series hand gripper springs

Each one of the Elite Series springs is hand wound. This allows for a tighter, consistent coiling which helps to minimize spread and prolong the springs feel. The Elite Series springs are coated in a smooth black rust proofing. This helps to prolong the consistency of the spring and keeps the gripper looking aesthetically clean.


Ah yes, the fun part, or so it seemed anyway. Trying out all types of springs, handles and the assembling process was great. We loved trying out all different styles of gripper. 

testing hand grippers Testing a variety of different width, length and shaped handles was a long and tedious process. Each style was measured using the latest technology.

We found the 20mm handles worked best, slightly shorter in length to ensure optimal use of the spread. This thickness not only provides the highest levels of connectivity between your hand and forearm, it actually helps relieve pressure in the hand during the crush.

This ultimately allows you to train harder with heavier resistance grippers and a reduced risk of having hand pain.


I've never had so much glue on my hands.. Credit to the team on this one, part of why we loved making these grippers so much is the fact that each and every one is hand made.

We receive the parts from our suppliers and each Elite Series hand gripper is assembled by our team. We really take pride in ensuring each and every one of our Elite Series grippers is the best 


One of the key questions we got in the run up to release was the ratings... After a small sample so far.. Here are the results.

elite series ratings

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