The Power Of A Strong Handshake

The Power Of A Strong Handshake - What does yours say about you?

With reality returning for most of us after lockdowns and social distancing. Handshakes are making a comeback. You've probably heard the saying "A picture speaks a 1000 words", this theory can be applied to a handshake. A good firm handshake is a universal sign of strength which is why everyone should have one. The few seconds upon greeting someone for the first time are crucial. A handshake is the unspoken word used to initiate a conversation in almost every social or professional meeting. What does your handshake say about you? 


Upon researching this subject we found people are making judgments and basing their initial opinions of you off of this small, but formidable gesture.

Types Of Handshake

A good handshake should be your secret weapon, ready to make a solid first impression on your potential new employer or colleague.

Let’s look into the different types of handshakes..

The Squeezer

Most of us who are into grip and strength training will usually have more hand strength up our sleeve compared to the average joe. This doesn't mean you need to show it off. Giving a bone crushing handshake will leave people feeling like you’re trying to overcompensate for something. Confused and probably likely to give a terrible first impression. 

crushing handshake

The Hanger

You've engaged with the handshake, a nice solid grip, but you’ve forgotten to let go. Don’t hang around too long, especially if you’re maintaining eye contact. Things can get weird, real fast. This can leave a feeling of desperation with the other person, likely to put them off. If in doubt, count to two and release.

hold on too long handshake

The Hipster

As the other party reaches their hand out and you lead with your fist to try a hip style fist bump, it’s not a great first impression. We’re not at the gym crushing weights with your bro. This shows signs of immaturity or a complete lack of awareness.

hipster handshake

The Wet Lettuce

We’ve all felt one of these handshakes before, It infuriates me. Someone who dangles a few limp fingers out as a handshake. It immediately gives the impression of ‘softness’. As in I'll do whatever you want but please don’t tell me off.

the wet lettuce handshake

The Rusher

The opposite of the hanger, with just as strange an impression. You’re in and out before they’ve even had a chance to get a good grasp. This can give the impression of nervousness and honestly just feels outright rude. Am I keeping you?

rushing handshake

The Twitcher

As you approach the other party, eye contact is key, not only for seeing where their hand is but for building a good first impression. If your eyes are twitching around the room, it can look like you’re either very shy or up to something strange. Maintain eye contact.

The Perfect Handshake

Ah yes, finally, the perfect handshake. 

  • Maintain eye contact
  • Use your right hand
  • Give a nice firm handshake
  • Remember the 2 second rule
  • Smile
  • Offer your greeting

There we go, if you follow the above steps, you’ve nailed it.

the perfect handshake

If you’re looking to improve the strength of your handshake then you’ve come to the right place.

What type of strength do you need for a handshake?

The simple answer is grip strength, the more specific answer is crush grip strength. 

Crush grip is the strength of your grip between your fingers and your palm. Crush grip is used for simple things such as shaking hands or opening stubborn jam jars. In sport this is much more important. Deadlifts, racket sports, crossfit, climbing, the list goes on.

How can I develop crush grip?

There are a few different ways to improve crush grip. The easiest and most convenient way is by using hand grippers. These simulate the crushing motion, providing extra resistance to help develop forearm and hand strength.

Our hand grippers are available in a few different options and resistances. If you’re brand new to strength sports or feel you have a particularly weak grip, an adjustable hand gripper will be the best choice.

Adjustable Hand Gripper

The adjustable hand grippers are very easy to use. Nothing complicated at all, just pick it up and crush it.

adjustable hand gripper

The 'regular' way to close the adjustable hand gripper is:

  • Spring at the top
  • Straight leg in your palm
  • Curved leg in your hands
  • Squeeze until the legs touch

What can be easier than that? Just use the knob to decrease or increase the resistance. The adjustable resistance means you can easily monitor your progress and see how your strength / recovery is developing.

adjustable hand gripper crushed

With padded, non slip handles, these are comfortable to use, manufactured from eco friendly plastic and will last you a long time. We’ve had an adjustable gripper in the office for over 3 years and it’s still going strong.

Rated Hand Grippers

Slightly more advanced than the adjustable gripper, rated hand grippers start off at a higher level of resistance. 

They are created using the highest quality materials and designed to give consistent performance that will last you a lifetime.

godlike hand grippers

Poseidon is our lowest resistance gripper at 100lb and Hades.. For those who dare to take it on.. comes in at 300lb. If you are strong enough to crush Hades you can become a member of our coveted Crush Club.

godlike hand gripper poseidon

  • Manufactured From High Quality Aluminium
  • Rust Proof Spring Coating
  • Long Lasting And Consistent Performance
  • Allows You To Unlock Your Grip Potential
  • Precision Knurling Without Being Harsh
  • Unique Blue Hand Gripper Colour

Grip Training Rings

Another excellent training accessory that's small, easy to keep in your bag, on the desk at work or even next to you on the sofa.

grip training ring for hand strength

They fit perfectly into your hand allowing for perfect replication of the crushing movement. Accompanied with the new flower style shape, the ridges allow you to get a better, more comfortable grip on the ring.

Starting off at just 30lb resistance, they go all the way up to 80lb, which is challenging to crush for even the strongest of gripsters!

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