godlike hand grippers

That Sweet Obsession - Why Do Some Of Us Like Grippers So Much?

It was once suggested that if you want to see why some of us like grippers quite so much try taking one to a gym. So I did. When I lived in Gloucester I started training there at first in the now g...
inside a gripsters gym bag

Inside A Gripsters Gym Bag

As I decided to lurk outside of the safety of the Grip Shed this week, I had to re pack my gym bag.. Which gave me the idea for this weeks blog... Hand Gripper If you’re into grip training and don’...
british grip championships

26th British Grip Championships 2019 Round Up

Well, where to begin, what a fantastic weekend we had at the British Grip Championships. Hosted at David Horne’s Grip Factory in Stafford the competition was on 27th April 2019. Below is a list of ...
Thick Bar Training With Steve Gardener

Thick Bar Training With Steve Gardener

Let’s lay down some numbers to get you all juiced up and excited first shall we. In a ‘wot can he do?’ kind of way. Lifted the Thomas Inch - yep. Current record hold of Inch hold for time (today’s...
3 types of grip blog

What Are The 3 Types Of Grip

If I was to ask 100 people what they know about anything grip related and I think 80% of people would have limited or no knowledge at all about this topic Did you know there are actually 3 differen...
how to improve your grip strength blog

How To Improve Your Grip Strength

Are you looking to Improve your grip strength for that next Deadlift PB? Or are you simply looking to open Jam Jars with the greatest of ease? Well you’ve come to the right place.
Preventing Loss of Strength In Hands

Preventing Loss of Strength In Hands

We use our hands for pretty much everything on a daily basis and it only makes sense that we want to keep them in as good a condition as we can. Doing some simple exercises daily can significantly ...