Strongman Grip Training Guide

Strongman Grip Training Guide

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One of our most requested guides has been a strongman grip training guide. You guys have been relentless...

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It has taken a long time to write and perfect, but we are really happy with how it has turned out!

Starting Strongman

Most new competing strongmen really don't put much consideration into grip training and a year or so down the line will really start to regret it.

farmers walk grip strength

Great! You've come first in the strapped 250kg deadlift for reps! But that doesn't matter if you're coming last in the farmers hold with a measly 10 seconds.

mark felix strongman grip

The key to becoming a great strongman is having all round strength. A perfect example of this is Martins Licis this year, winning worlds strongest man, finishing top 3 in every event.

Whats In The Guide

We constructed this guide to easily fit in with your current training routine and the option of additional grip training outside of your regular sessions.

I will give you a quick rundown of some essential strongman grip training tips below;

  • Don't use straps - Unless you really need them
  • Change your mindset - Grip is essential in strongman
  • Get a set of Grippers - Perfect for crushing on the move
  • Do your stretches - Keeping your hands healthy

If you're wondering whats inside our brand new strongman grip guide then you're in for a treat! 25 pages of grip goodness including images and detailed text.

Types Of Grip

We delve into the 3 types of grip;

Crush - Finger Power

This involves your 4 fingers, crushing things like peoples hands.

crush grip

Pinch - Thumb Power

Using mainly the thumb strength as an anchor to your fingers.

pinch grip

Support - Keep Holding On

Best compared to thick bar lifts where the bar is peeling its way out of your hands.

support grip

Each are vitally important for different types of lifts and as a strongman you should be ready for them all.

We cover each type of grip with a number of different exercises and accessory movements.

These are designed to help improve your overall strength and endurance.

Strongman Grip Monsters

You may recently have seen some videos of the giant Brian Shaw gripping things floating around after the tv show 'Strongest Man In History' aired.

It helps that he has giant hands, but he also focuses on grip training. Being one of a couple of men to ever pinch 2 old school York 20kg plates back to back, as well as lifting the millennium dumbbell. Brian really is a grip monster.

pinch grip

If that's not enough to get your juices flowing then the recent addition of the Hercules Hold to Giants Live events has to. Mark Felix shows everyone how its done in this event..

His hands are about the same size as a piece of a4 Paper.

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