How To Use Hand Grippers

How To Use Hand Grippers

How to use hand grippers is something we are asked on a regular basis. Most people will buy themselves a brand new shiny hand gripper and just crush it for a few reps, unless you purchased Hades, then you’ll be struggling to even move it! 

hand grippers

There's nothing wrong with that, after all that's exactly what they are for! However, at first it may seem a bit confusing how to use them.

  • Which way around are they supposed to be?
  • Where should my hands be?
  • How many reps should I do?

We will hopefully answer any questions you may have below on exactly how to use hand grippers. If you can’t find the answers you want, just post a question below and one of our team will try and help you out!

Using Hand Grippers

If you are just starting out on your grip journey it may be worth taking a look at some of our most popular hand gripper training guides and packages.

They are designed for all levels of strength, starting from beginner all the way up to advanced. Not only will these guides / packages help you out on how to use hand grippers but they will also help make you really strong.

The packages also include some of our most popular accessories that can help promote recovery and build strength.

Gripper Positioning

Technically there is no right or wrong way around to have the hand gripper. However the standard way to use them would be spring at the top, legs at the bottom. 

using a hand gripper

Types Of Hand Gripper

There are many different types of hand gripper ranging from foam handled, plastic handles and metal handles. Each of these has their own perks an negatives. Depending on which hand gripper you have purchased there are a number of different ways you can use them.

Adjustable Hand Gripper

If you are using an adjustable hand gripper, they can be slightly more complicated to use as one of the legs will be curved. This is part of the ergonomic design of the handle which allows for extra comfort when crushing the gripper.

using a hand gripper

You want the curved side of the hand gripper to be resting in your palm. It should fit comfortably and allow your fingers to grab around the straight leg. 

Using your four fingers, pull the gripper legs together, when they touch, that is one repetition. 

using a hand gripper

Metal Hand Grippers

Using a regular hand gripper can seem very simple, but when we start looking at technique it starts to get complicated. 

The positioning for regular hand grippers is the same as above for adjustable hand grippers. Spring facing upwards you want to place the gripper in your hand with one in the palm of your hand. The other leg resting on your fingers where you can wrap them round a little.

using a hand gripper

Then proceed to close the gripper until the handles touch. You have successfully completed one repetition! Easy!

Learning How To Set

Setting hand grippers is more of an advanced technique, it can take time to master but once you’ve got the hang of it. Your strength and ability to close higher resistance hand grippers will greatly improve.

We give in depth training and advice on how to use hand grippers / specifically in our hand gripper heaven training guides.

A brief description of how to set can be seen below.

  • Start by placing the hand gripper in your hand
  • One leg in the crease of your hand
  • One leg splitting your little finger

how to set a hand gripper

  • Using your other hand - Stabilize the gripper, keeping it in place using your thumb
  • Using your index finger, use it to slightly close the gripper legs together
  • Try wrapping your fingers around the gripper
  • You want the width of the gripper to be around a credit cards width

how to set a hand gripper

  • Once you have reached this position you should be able to hold it in 'the set'
  • After setting just proceed to crush the gripper as normal

how to set a hand gripper

Training Routine

When just starting to learn how to use hand grippers thinking of a training routine can seem quite confusing. 

There is absolutely no problem with just using them throughout the day, however creating yourself some form of training structure is great to see and feel yourself progress.

hand gripper

A really simple training plan when learning how to use hand grippers would be to set up a routine. We have created an example below with 2 training sessions for 2 weeks.

Day 1 Week 1

  • 10 x Repetitions x 4 Sets (60 Second rest between sets)

Day 2 Week 1

  • 5 x Repetitions x 5 Sets (60 Second rest between sets)
  • 10 x Repetitions x 1 Set

Day 1 Week 2

  • 15 x Repetitions x 2 Sets (60 Second rest between sets)
  • 5 x Repetitions x 3 Sets (3 Second hold when closed)

Day 2 Week 2

  • 20 x Repetitions x 2 Sets (60 Second rest between sets)
  • 5 x 1 Repetition (Set Practice)

The Key To Progression

When first starting out and learning how to use hand grippers one thing to keep in mind is.. Keep consistent, stick at it and the strength / progression will come.

Usually when starting out you will see progression pretty quickly. Within a week you should start to notice a difference in your strength and arm musculature.

As with everything else if you stick to it you are going to get better. Or if you want.. Just keep a hand gripper on your desk at work and crush it whenever or however you want. That's fine too.. But Hades will always be awaiting your grasp.

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