Developing serious forearm mass takes time and dedication. With the combination of products and information below, we make this process a whole lot easier for you.

Forearm Lever

Strength & Size

Forearm Lever

Ideal for developing forearm muscle and also wrist strength.

Simply move your wrist to lever the hammer from vertical to horizontal. This movement really helps engage the superficial and deep layers of the forearm.

This is the most efficient approach to strengthen your wrists whilst building forearm muscle. You can also add weight to increase the force required.

Heavy Duty Wrist Roller


Wrist Roller

Get ready for a world of forearm burn. A fantastic support grip training tool. Wrist rollers are excellent session finishers.

Simply connect the cable to a loading pin, weight plate, or kettle bell and start rolling.

You'll think, 'This isn't too bad,' until you get halfway up and the burn kicks in. This is excellent for increasing endurance and developing forearm musculature.

Thick Grips

Portable Arm Builders

Thick Grips

An absolute essential for your gym bag. Thick grips can easily attach to barbells, dumbbells, cable machines and pull up bars.

Adding extra width to these pieces of equipment keeps your palms open wider which helps to better engage the forearms and biceps.

Perfect for taking with you to the gym or keeping in your home gym.


Muscle Building Tips

Resistance Band Training

Increase The Reps

One of the key ingredients to muscle building is higher repetitions, we're not talking 20+ here we mean instead of your regular 5 x 5 routine, try going for 3 x 8 or 3 x 12.

The same applies for all movements grip related here, Hand Grippers, Rolling Handles, Wrist Curls & More.

Here are your hand picked products

build muscle grip bundle

Muscle Building Bundle

The muscle building bundle has been created to take your gains to the next level.

Developing serious forearm mass takes time and dedication. With the combination of products below, they will help develop some serious mass.


  • Olympic Forearm Hammer
  • Thick Grips (pair)
  • 3 x Grip Rings



One of the best forearm muscle building tools on the market. Perfect for developing forearm musculature and wrist strength, the forearm lever fits Olympic plates.

forearm hammer lever

A strong wrist is the key to a strong grip. Whether you're steel bending, arm wrestling, stone lifting or even playing tennis. A strong wrist is essential.

The forearm hammer lever is the perfect tool for developing wrist strength and forearm muscularity. Use it without weight or attach weight to the end for an additional challenge.


The perfect training aid to keep in your gym bag. Simply attach them to any barbell to increase the challenge and strain placed on the forearm.

thick grips

Thick grips increase muscle activation during push / pull exercises giving you more strength and mass.

Made from a quality high-density compound they will not compress under any stress. We highly recommend using thick grips for the following exercises:

  • Farmers Walks
  • Pull Ups
  • Pull Downs
  • Deadlifts


Our most popular grip training accessory. Perfect for keeping on your desk at work or even in your gym bag to use before training.

grip training ring

The grip rings provide a mid resistance allowing you to perform higher repetitions which in turn promotes muscle growth and recovery.

The larger size allows for a better feel when using the Grip Rings. Accompanied with the new flower style shape, the ridges allow you to get a better, more comfortable grip on the ring.

grip training ring


There are some myths around forearm muscle. It is notoriously hard to build for some people. The key is simply dedication, a variety of exercises and using the right tools.

muscles of the forearm

We have extensively researched each muscle group within the forearm seeing how they can be developed and trained. All aspects of your grip stem from your forearm which is why training your forearm is essential for a strong grip.

muscles of the forearm

As long as you are routinely working out compound lifts and accessory lifts you will gain a good amount of forearm mass by changing a few simple things.

We will look into these below.


Using the tools provided in this bundle is a superb way to kick start your muscle building journey.

wrist curls

The hammer lever is the best tool out there for focusing on your forearm musculature. Incorporating high rep sets with vertical / horizontal movements will leave your forearm burning.

wrist curls

If you are a regular in the gym then the thick grips should come with you to each and every session. Just chuck them on the bar during your warm-up sets. This will be a great way to build forearm muscle without changing up your routine. We would also recommend ditching the straps whilst warming up. Unless you're specifically saving your grip for later lifts, there is no point in using them whilst warming up.


I mean, the benefits speak for themselves. Huge forearms look awesome. If you're into arm wrestling then forearm training will be a part of your weekly routine.

forearm workout

You know the feeling you get when you meet your opponent who's got forearms like Popeye. You're going to be in for a tough match.