The Best Forearm Exercisers for Building Up Arm Strength

The Best Forearm Exercisers for Building Up Arm Strength

Do you want to take your arm strength training up a notch and develop stronger forearms?

If so, then today’s blog post is for you! Here we’ll look at the best exercises and tools to help you add new angles to your forearm workouts. 

Great forearm exercises can challenge even the most seasoned of athletes – helping them build better form and maximize the results of their time spent in the gym.

Let’s dive into these tools so that you can find out which ones are most effective for building up arm strength. 

The Forearm Strengtheners

Grip strength is an important factor in any fitness routine, and strong forearms can help you lift heavier weights, improve your grip on a pull-up bar, and even reduce the risk of injury.

Whether you’re a beginner or an experienced athlete, having the right forearm exercisers can make all the difference when it comes to building up arm strength. 

Forearm Hammer Lever

First up on the list and my favorite forearm training tool. The hammer lever is excellent for developing forearm / wrist strength and really packing on some serious muscle.

The most common way to use the forearm hammer lever is performing back and forth movements.

Simply lever the hammer from vertical to horizontal moving nothing but your wrist. This is the most effective way to work out your wrists. Doing this a couple of times a week will quickly increase your wrist strength.

You can use the implement without any extra weight performing higher repetitions, or add a little extra weight to bump down the reps.

Wrist Roller

A very simple yet extremely effective tool for developing forearm strength and endurance. The wrist roller allows you to attach weight to the bottom using either a Loading Pin or just looping it through your weight plate.

The 50mm diameter of the handle provides an additional challenge placing extra strain on your grip and forearms.

Helping to engage your forearms and biceps more compared to a thinner bar, the thick grip wrist roller is a must have for any home gym.

Using the wrist roller 2-3 times per week, even for just a few reps (by reps we mean full rotations of the rope from top to bottom), you'll soon notice some forearm gains and noticeable improvement on your grips endurance.

Hand Grippers

So I'd say this could be a slightly controversial one. However, Hand Grippers do help develop forearm muscle and strength. Hand Grippers directly help develop crush grip strength whilst targeting the muscles of the forearm. When used regulary and for 8+ reps, you'll be developing size.

Adjustable Hand Gripper
Hand Grippers come in all different shapes and sizes, but we'd say the best place to start is with an Adjustable Gripper. You simply can't go wrong with it. With a relativley low resistance you can build your way up to the top before progressing onto the torsion spring grippers which come in much higher resistances.

Thick Grips

Perfect for chucking in your gym bag or keeping in the home gym. Thick grips simply attach to any standard barbells, dumbbells, chin-up bars or even cable accessories.

Thick Grips

The larger diameter forces your hands to remain partially closed helping to better engage the biceps and forearms. This in turn helps to really develop forearm muscle whilst also aiding grow your grip strength too.

As far as gym bag essentials go, thick grips are definitely up there with one of the best.

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