Captains Of Crush Hand Grippers Review

We often get asked how the Captains of Crush hand grippers compare to our own Godlike Grippers. So we have written a full in depth review on the Captains of Crush and also included some information about our own grippers too.


Let's start off with the company that has created these wonderful hand grippers.

IronMind is a company, founded in 1988 by Randall J. Strossen. A strength sport company who's slogan speaks for itself, Stronger Minds, Stronger Bodies.

Mainly focusing on grip strength equipment, they produce some of the most iconic and popular equipment available.

Captains Of Crush

When it comes to Hand Grippers, you can't go wrong with a pair of Captains of Crush. Crafted with Aircraft-Grade aluminium they provide a world class appearance and feel. When it comes to resistance the GR8tm springs give a precise and durable result so you know the numbers on the gripper are going to be near enough spot on.

captains of crush hand grippers



There are 11 different resistances for the Captains Of Crush;

  • Guide - 60 lb. - Easy - Ideal for beginners.
  • Sport - 80 lb. - Warm up resistance.
  • Trainer - 100 lb. - Good starting point for the average.
  • Point Five - 120 lb. - Get ready for the No.1.
  • No. 1 - 140 lb. - Think you're already strong?
  • No. 1.5 - 167.5 lb. - Get ready for the No.2.
  • No. 2 - 195 lb. - Strong grip!
  • No. 2.5 - 237.5 lb. Get ready for the No.3.
  • No. 3 - 280 lb. World class grip strength.
  • No. 3.5 - 322.5 lb. Prepare for the No.4.
  • No. 4 - 365 lb - One of a kind..


We did write a full review on the Best Hand Grippers Available In The UK. Captains Of Crush were of course on this list and I will give a brief rundown of the conclusion we came to.

Total 17/20 Stars

Probably the most well known hand gripper, Worldwide the IronMind Captains of Crush are a superb hand gripper. First released in 1995 these hand grippers took the strength world by storm and found themselves in the palms of some of the strongest people on the planet.

Feel ★★★★★

When you pick up a Captains of Crush hand gripper you immediately feel the quality they ooze, made from the highest quality materials available such as aircraft grade aluminium and GR8™ springs, they really do feel good. The only downside of these grippers is the very rough knurling. While good for grip they do rub the skin, and for people looking to just train casually may not be the most comfortable option.

Consistency ★★★★☆

Purely down to the quality of the materials used to make these grippers they really do give a good consistent performance. Unlikely to ‘season’ or wear in too much due to the springs these grippers will give you a long lasting performance. The only downside is the springs being exposed to rust. We keep most of our grippers in the Grip Shed, which unfortunately in the winter can get a little cold and cause rust on the springs on our captains of crush. Which does alter the performance slightly so that is the only negative we could find here!

Aesthetics ★★★★★

Simple, effective and beautifully crafted. The Captains of Crush not only perform great but look great too. The engraving around the handles on the grippers looks great as does the stamp on the bottom. There really isn’t too much else to say about them! I mean.. Just look at them!

Cost ★★★☆☆

If you’re in the USA these grippers come at a decent price of around £18 but unfortunately for us in the UK they come in at around £24-28 a Gripper which is the top of the price range for Grippers. Although the price probably warrants the excellence of these grippers they are expensive compared to other alternatives such as the Godlike Grippers.

captains of crush

Alternative Grippers

There are some worthy of challenging the Captains of Crush to their throne. Our very own Godlike Grippers have been designed and manufactured for a few important things in mind.

godlike hand grippers

  • Manufactured From High Quality Aluminium
  • Rust Proof Spring Coating
  • Long Lasting And Consistent Performance
  • Allows You To Unlock Your Grip Potential
  • Precision Knurling Without Being Harsh
  • Unique Colours Representing Gripper Rating
  • Big discounts on our hand gripper sets


These Grippers are available individually or as part of a discounted bundle.

The Beginner gripper set includes;

  • Poseidon 100lb – Blue Hand Gripper
  • Tlaloc 150lb – Blue Hand Gripper
  • Achilles 200lb – Gold Hand Gripper

The Intermediate gripper set includes;

  • Tlaloc 150lb – Blue Hand Gripper
  • Achilles 200lb – Gold Hand Gripper
  • Hephaestus 250lb – Red Hand Gripper

The Advanced gripper set includes;

  • Achilles 200lb – Gold Hand Gripper
  • Hephaestus 250lb – Red Hand Gripper
  • Hades – 300lb Hand Gripper

Finally the complete hand gripper set which includes all 5.

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