IronMind is a company, founded in 1988 by Randall J. Strossen. IronMind is a strength sport company who's slogan speaks for itself, Stronger Minds, Stronger Bodies. 

IronMind mainly focuses on Grip Strength which is why we love their products.

As they have been around for a while its safe to say they know what their doing, and their products reflect that.

IronMind Hub

The Ironmind Hub may look like an innocent little piece of equipment, but don't be fooled by its nice smooth edges and textured feel. This little piece of equipment is based on an old fashioned hub lifting, on weight plates, principal which requires huge grip strength and hand power.

IronMind Hub

There are many different techniques that are used to lift this but it all depends on hand size and where your strengths are. The World Record was recently increased Feb 2019 up to a mammoth 44.80 kg by Harri Tolonen. It looks like his secret technique is not looking at the weight before the lift... Mind over matter!

IronMind Grip Training Equipment

Its also a very versatile piece of equipment and can be lifted in a variety of different ways. Our good friend @Jokabug held a competition for a 2 Hand Pinch with the hub which ran over a month and was great fun to participate in.

Rolling Thunder

The Ironmind Rolling Thunder is definitely a team favorite inside the Grip Shed.

Being associated with the fabled Crushed To Dust challenge the Rolling Thunder a well know implement around the world. From the creation of the rolling thunder there have been many more rotating handles released by many different brands, but none have a reputation as big as this. The latest model release seems to be the most challenging yet.

IronMind Grip Training Equipment

Being part of the crushed to dust challenge, you are required to lift 90kg with the rolling thunder, 20kg with the hub and close a no2 captains of crush hand gripper within 3 minutes. The most difficult of these without doubt is the rolling thunder, once you have mastered this then you should be good to go!

The dimensions of the rolling thunder are 7-1/2" in length (rotating portion is 6" in length); 2-3/8" in diameter, so its much thicker than your average deadlift bar, which makes it much more challenging, then the fact that it rotates makes it even harder!

IronMind Grip Training Equipment

We regularly upload videos of Rolling Thunder lifts to our instagram.

Captains Of Crush

When it comes to Hand Grippers, you can't go wrong with a pair of Captains of Crush. Crafted with Aircraft-Grade aluminium they provide a world class appearance and feel. When it comes to resistance the GR8tm springs give a precise and durable result so you know the numbers on the gripper are going to be near enough spot on.

IronMind Grip Training Equipment

There are 11 different resistances of this hand gripper so there's a starting point for everyone, and most certainly an end point too. Unless you're a superhuman like Magnus Samuelsson. He is just one of the few people to ever close a No4 Captains of Crush hand gripper. This hand gripper is rated at 165.5kg and feels like squeezing a brick!

If you're passionate about hand grippers and learning some new techniques check out our dedicated Hand Gripper training page.

You can't go wrong with a pair of Captains of Crush, they are durable, reliable and accurate. Plus if you ever get strong enough to close a No3 gripper then you can get yourself certified!