bonehill grip contest 2019

Bonehill Grip Contest 2019

With this years Bonehill Grip Contest 2019 just around the corner. We couldn't be more excited!

Firstly having never been to Finland that will be a great experience exploring as we have heard it's a beautiful place.

This event has over 60 contestants and the level is going to be out of this World. Looking at how everyone's training has been going I think there could be a world record In every event.. Bar the IronMind Axle which is currently held by Mike Burke at 235kg.

Events & Training

Event 1: Goldbar Max

The Goldbar is a great event and a really challenging pinch implement. We first had a go on this implement at the British Grip Championships earlier this year. I actually tried to beat Eddie Halls current world record of 38.6kg, it broke off the floor but I couldn't quite get the height. Not bad for a first attempt!

We then acquired the Gold Bar from David Horne's World Of Grip shop and training begun!

godlbar lift

Maxing out on our first session to gauge our current level I hit a very average 33.6kg and Laura manage 19.6kg.

With no previous experience training with the Gold bar we decided to set upon attempting 2 x 6 week programs to hopefully improve upon our lifts in time for Bonehill which was 13 weeks away.

The training included a variety of high rep days and holds for time. I feel this is the best way to progress your grip strength so we designed the plans training 2 days a week.

wold of grip gold bar

After the first 6 week cycle we maxed out again I hit 35.8kg and laura hit 20.6kg. A pretty average increase in performance but the numbers were going in the right direction.

A little bit of tweaking to the program we started the next 6 week phase, the peak of which would be Bonehill Grip Contest weekend!
During the second training phase I have hit 35.6kg for around a 5 second hold and lifted over 37kg so things are looking good. This is probably one of the events I'm looking forward too most! Hopefully the past 12 weeks of training can convert into a good lift on the day.

You can read more about it on our World Of Grip page.

Event 2: IronMind Axle Max

One of the staple lifts of the grip universe is any kind of thick bar movement. This will prove to be a great watch at the Bonehill Contest, I anticipate some huge numbers coming in from a few people.

In the Grip Shed we have a bunch of axles ranging from 2" up to 3" but unfortunately the IronMind Axle is not one of them.

axle deadlift

Personally for me the Axle deadlift is one of my favorite lifts, unfortunately its not one of my best. Due to a hip injury in late 2018 my recovery to get back deadlifting has been around 6-8 months. I am now back able to deadlift fully without pain which is great! However I have not had much time to get ready for a big lift!

Laura on the other hand just keeps going from strength to strength, especially on deadlift, but also on the axle.

Same principal applied to this and every other event we set up 2 x 6 week programs.

axle deadlift

I at the time was unable to complete a max lift so took an estimate of 180kg. Laura hit a fairly comfortable 95kg. Considering this was her first time I think that's pretty good!

The training structure for the deadlift we thought it would be a good idea to train both regular and axle bars. One session regular bar one session with the axle. The idea behind this was to continue to improve the weight of our deadlift therefore making the axle lift more comfortable.

A simple pyramid program took us upto a one rep max. Halfway to Bonehill I managed 175kg while Laura hit 100kg

On the day I would really hope to hit over 180kg and feeling optimistic I think Laura is capable of 110kg.

Event 3: Finnishball Max

Another Max?? Yep you read that right.. The guys deciding the events for Bonehill Grip Contest 2019 aren't messing around.

Unfortunately we have not managed to get our hands on a Finnish ball to train with, nor have we ever seen one in the flesh.. So we are going in blind hoping we can get some good advice from the rest of the lifters! Most of which are World Class so I think we will be in luck.

half penny lift

Lifted using the finger and thumb, we couldn't really think of a similar event to replicate training with. Hopefully with our overall grip strength and a bit of technique training the lift can go well!

Event 4: The Crusher 2.5" Max

Last but definitely least the 2.5" crusher! Similar to a Rolling Thunder, but thicker, more revolving, and less grippy.. So really its nothing like the Rolling Thunder at all! There are going to be some huge numbers lifted on this implement!

Igor Kupinsky currently holds the world record on this event with a ridiculous 255.51lbs. Just about 5lbs ahead of Artyom Ushenko and Laine Snook.

rolling handle lift

I have been training on the Rolling Thunder for this event and Laura has been using one of our extremely hard 2" rolling handles.

Peaking out around 90-95kg I really hope to achieve at least 85kg on the crusher at Bonehill but having never used it I could be way off.

I have great confidence in Laura hitting a huge lift as this is one of her best events.


As said above in all the events, we have given a brief rundown of our training regime. We fly out to Finland tomorrow (technically today as the blog is released on Friday) then the competition is on the Saturday I believe at 10am start.

Our plan has to be completely rest the final week before competition, still stretching and trying to keep active, just not lifting weights.

At the British Grip Championships earlier in the year, our first competition I unfortunately suffered quite a bad skin tear on the first event which I had torn previously a few weeks before. I wish now I had rested completely the week before as my pinch grip still felt fatigued and the skin had not fully healed.
This is why we are giving it the full week this time.. Its all a learning process and I can't wait!

Bonehill Grip Contest 2019 is going to be huge and we cant wait! Next weeks blog will give a full run down of each event and how we performed!

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