Welcome to Grip Mecca – your go-to destination for grip training equipment. For years, we've been passionate about helping people achieve their hand strength and grip goals, and now we're excited to open our doors to the world.

We have an extensive range of grip training equipment, from classic pieces like hand grippers and pinch blocks to unique and hard-to-find items like Thomas Inch Replicas. We want to invite you to come and experience our equipment firsthand – try it out, challenge yourself, and push your limits.

We understand that finding quality grip training equipment can be difficult, which is why we're dedicated to providing the best selection of products at affordable prices. And with our expert knowledge and experience, we can help guide you towards the equipment that's right for you.

So come and explore our Grip Mecca – we can't wait to share our passion for grip training with you.

What's Inside

Hand Grippers

  • GOG Elite Hand Grippers - 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7
  • GOG Essential Hand Grippers - 100lb, 150lb, 200lb, 250lb, 300lb
  • GOG Godlike Grippers - 100lb, 150lb, 200lb, 250lb, 300lb
  • IronMind Captains Of Crush - G, T, 1, 1.5, 2, 2.5, 3, 3.5, 4
  • Baraban Grippers - 100lb, 130lb, 160lb, 180lb, 210lb, 240lb, 260lb, 300lb, 330lb, 365lb
  • CPW Grippers - FE, CO, TI
  • Heavy Grips - 100lb, 150lb, 200lb, 250lb, 300lb, 350lb
  • Armlifting Russia - 300lb, 325lb
  • Armlifting Greece - 100lb, 150lb, 200lb, 300lb, 350lb
  • Powerball - 300lb


  • 16kg Thomas Inch Replica
  • 28kg Thomas Inch Replica
  • 66kg Thomas Inch Replica x 2
  • 78kg Thomas Inch Replica x 2
  • 104kg Thomas Inch Replica 
  • 78kg Square Handle Circus Dumbbell


  • York Legacy Half 20kg x 2
  • York Legacy Half 25kg
  • York Legacy Half 27.5kg 
  • York Legacy Half 30kg x 2
  • York Legacy Half 32kg 
  • York Legacy Half 35kg x 2
  • York Legacy Half 37.5kg
  • York Legacy Half 40kg x 2
  • York Legacy Half 45kg x 2
  • York Legacy Half 50kg x 2
  • Holle Fatman Replica 24kg

Grip Tools

Pinch Tools

  • GOG 6mm Narrow Pinch Block
  • GOG 60mm Pinch Block
  • GOG 80mm Pinch Block
  • GOG The Mammoth 100mm Pinch Block
  • GOG The Square 100mm Pinch Block
  • GOG 60mm Beast Block (2 handed)
  • GOG 80mm Beast Block (2 handed)
  • GOG Triple Barrel
  • IronMind BlockBuster
  • FBBC The Flask
  • Silarukov 6mm Pinch Block
  • Silarukov 60mm Pinch Block
  • Armlifting Greece Olympus Peak
  • Armlifting Greece The Oval
  • The Finnish Ball
  • GOG Low Ridge
  • GOG Mid Ridge
  • GOG High Ridge
  • GOG Small Pipe
  • GOG Large Pipe
  • John Oka The Payne
  • The ImpossiNipple
  • World Of Grip Gold Bar
  • World of Grip Half Penny

Rolling Handles

  • GOG 50mm Rolling Handle x 2
  • GOG 60mm Rolling Handle x 2
  • GOG 76mm Rolling Handle x 2
  • IronMind Rolling Thunder
  • Silarukov 50mm Rolling Handle
  • Silarukov 76mm Rolling Handle
  • GBI Rolling Handle
  • Grip Genie Rolling Grip Thing
  • 2.25" Crusher Rolling Handle
  • Steel 50mm Rolling Handle x 2

Vertical Bars

  • GOG Square Vertical Bar
  • GOG Dynamite Stick
  • World of Grip Fence Post
  • World of Grip Horn Top
  • IronMind Little Big Horn


  • GOG Low Hub
  • GOG Mid Hub
  • GOG High Hub
  • GOG Square Hub
  • GOG The Ring
  • IronMind Hub
  • John Oka The Payne
  • World of Grip Shallow Hub

The Support Grip Tools

  • GOG 80mm Grenades x 2
  • GOG 100mm Grenades x 2
  • GOG 120mm Grenades x 2
  • FBBC Grabball
  • Couch Potato Golden Potatoes
  • GOG The Dome
  • GOG 50mm Wrist Wrench
  • GOG 60mm Wrist Wrench
  • GOG Forearm Lever
  • GOG Wrist Roller
  • World of Grip Moon Top

Speciality Bars / Equipment

  • GOG 60mm Saxon Bar
  • GOG 80mm Saxon Bar
  • GOG 80mm Square Saxon Bar
  • GOG 50mm Axle
  • Strength Shop 50mm Axle
  • GOG 60mm Rolling Axle 
  • Thick Grip Farmers Handles
  • GOG Heavy Duty Grip Machine
  • Mini Farmers Handles