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The Challenge

Novembers Monthly Challenge is ready to test out your finger strength on the Half Penny Pinch Trainer. A difficult key pinch style lift but we would expect to see 22kg+ take the win this month. Don't forget to chalk it up, you're going to need all the help you can get.

Lifting Rules

To enter this event you must tag us on Instagram @godsofgrip following the rules below to ensure a valid lift.

  • Half Penny Pinch Trainer Lift - Unlimited attempts.
  • Lift completed to lockout with a brief pause at the top
  • Weight to be shown before / after the lift on scales
  • Key Pinch Style to be used (index finger & thumb).
  • Watch out for any obvious tilt (this isn't allowed)
november monthly challenge rules


Both categories will win a prize.

  • Mens Open
  • Womens Open


You will win a bag of our coveted bone dust.


  • Coming soon...
  • Coming soon...