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recovery and rehabilitation bundle

Recovery & Rehabilitation Bundle

The grip recovery and rehabilitation bundle is something we're extremely proud of. This combination of products allows you to recover quicker and stronger.

Utilizing a variety of accessories you can ease back into training with some low resistance work and slowly build up using the different resistances of equipment.

  • Adjustable Hand Gripper
  • 3 x Star Grippers
  • 1 x Piano Gripper
  • 3 x Finger Exercisers
  • 1 x How To Guide

recovery and rehabilitation bundle



A great way to ease your way back into training after an injury. Adjustable grippers are ergonomically designed for ease of use and comfort. The padded handles make sure they are easy on the hands and the adjustable resistance allows you to start off as low as you like.

adjustable hand gripper

Work your way up through the resistance, when you're crushing this at max weight, you know you're on the right track.

adjustable hand gripper


Our Star Grippers are available in 3 different resistances meaning the versatility and ease of use allows them to be the perfect tool for recovery / rehabilitation.

They replicate the crushing motion and can be used on the move, prior to working out or on recovery days.

star hand gripper

The soft feel and ergonomic star style design allows them to sit in your hand comfortably.

star hand gripper


What developed as a popular grip training tool for people who suffer with wrist / hand pain. The 'piano' grip accessory is perfect for recovering from an injury.

Targeting all areas of the forearm it allows you to promote blood flow which helps introduce nutrients into the damaged area.

piano finger exerciser

Using this a couple of times a week is a great way to speed up recovery and also improve your support grip.


One of the most versatile and widely used grip accessories. The finger extensor bands allow you to train muscles very tough to hit with most lifts.

finger exerciser

Available in 3 levels, this allows you to start off low, perform high repetitions with the level 1 / 2 finger exerciser and slowly work your way towards the level 3.

We highly recommend using this accessory multiple times per week, especially on recovery days.


As we get a lot of inexperienced people landing on our recovery / rehabilitation package, we have created a guide to help you use each accessory included.

This takes you through each product step by step, exactly how to use it and the benefits.

recovery and rehabilitation guide

We also include when they should be used. It is the perfect accompaniment to this package.


It can be demotivating and quite saddening when you encounter an injury. Starting out you need to implement a strong mindset of 'The Comeback Is Always Stronger'.

rehabilitation and recovery

That's the motto we go by when training clients who have suffered injuries. The most important thing is to focus on building a strong foundation for you to develop from. Not only will this make you stronger overall, but help prevent future injuries too.