If you're new to gym chalk then it can seem a little confusing on what type or how much to get. We have complied some information on some frequently asked questions and a few other details we think will help.

Certificate of Analysis

Our chalk is manufactured from the highest quality magnesium carbonate. Meeting all standards of the British and European pharmacopeia.

magnesium carbonate certificate of analysis

How much chalk do I need

We sell our godlike grip powdered gym chalk in a variety of sizes. The most popular being 200g, 500g bags and our 250ml liquid chalk bottles.

How long will my chalk last

This is the big one, how long will 500g last me? Most of the time you're going into this sort of purchase blind. But luckily for you we've done our research testing out how much we used per session for a few weeks. 

Powdered Chalk

We trained 4 x per week for 2 weeks using chalk on every session (as us gripsters do). The total amount of chalk used per session averaged at about 15 grams per person, per session. 

We used our trusty chalk bowl to avoid spillage and honestly aren't shy when it comes to smothering our hands, or the floor in chalk. 

So on that basis a 500 gram bag of chalk should last you around 34 sessions. On average lets say you train with chalk twice, the 500 gram bag should last you just over 4 months.

This is only a guideline we don't know how much chalk you're going to use so please use this for reference only.

Liquid Chalk

Our liquid chalk bottles are 250ml of extra grippy goodness. Liquid chalk is more 'efficient' than powdered chalk as there is practically no waste. 

The liquid chalk wasn't quite as easy to test out. We basically just used the liquid chalk non stop until we ran out. Counted the sessions and then managed to work out on average we used 8ml per session.

If you're training twice a week 1 bottle of liquid chalk will last you around 4 months. Not bad for just £9.99.

Powdered Chalk vs Liquid Chalk

Here's the big question. Which type of chalk to choose.. It all depends on your goals, training and where you're going to be using it really.

Powdered Chalk

Perfect for all round use, in the gym, home gym, events and competitions. It's very rare you will find anywhere that disallows the use of powdered chalk. 

Powdered chalk provides great adhesion onto barbells, grip tools and many other surfaces, this combined with excellent adhesion to your hands provides a really good grip.

It also provides excellent sweat preventing which keeps your hands nice and 'slip' free.

  • Excellent adhesion to surfaces
  • Fine powdered texture
  • Great sweat proofing

Liquid Chalk

This is a more efficient, mess free alternative to powdered chalk. Just make sure you shake it before hand or you'll just get a blob of gooey mess on your hands. Providing excellent adhesion to your hands, liquid chalk offers excellent coverage and sweat proofing. 

Liquid chalk is however often banned from certain events and competitions as some do contain extra ingredients (tacky) which can further enhance your grip and provide an unfair advantage. 

  • Mess free
  • Excellent adhesion to hands
  • Excellent sweat proofing


For general use and competitions we prefer powdered chalk, it just has a great feel to it and always provides great results. Liquid chalk does offer better coverage on the hands, but when in use the results are very similar. Liquid chalk is also often banned from certain competitions. 

Our theory is, if you can't use it in competition why train with it?

If you're training in more of a commercial gym and require some chalk to crush some heavy deads, then liquid chalk is probably the best option. 

If you're at a home gym or more of a lifting friendly gym then powdered chalk is the way to go!