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This page was last updated on 10.02.22 

Lifting Rules

  • The lift must be completed to lockout.
  • Only the lifting hand can touch the equipment during the lift. 
  • Once completed the equipment should be lowered in a controlled manner.
  • The use of powdered magnesium carbonate is allowed and encouraged.
  • Weight must be shown clearly before or after completing the lift.
  • You can not touch the underside of the dynamite stick at any point during the lift (lug side)

The use of any supportive equipment on the lifting arm is not allowed, this includes:

  • Plasters / Bandage
  • Wrist Wraps / Supports
  • Elbow Sleeves

Dynamite 50mm - Mens

Name Weight Date Video
1. Tom Lymath 107.8kg 09.02.22 Link
2. Jack Brown 90kg 08.02.22 -
3. Andrew Matthews 87kg 13.02.22 -
4. Freddy K 72kg 08.02.22 -
5. Alex Thornmarch 51kg 17.03.22 -

Dynamite 50mm - Womens

Name Weight Date Video
1. Coming soon - - -

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