We have compiled an ever growing list of our World Of Grip equipment, how we use it and what the benefits are.

David Horne has been one of, if not the best British Strength & Grip athletes in the last 30 years.

Pioneering the scene and growing the sport across the World he has inspired many to take up grip training, including ourselves.

The equipment is top quality and perfect for training every aspect of your grip.

The Half Penny

The GripTopz Half Penny is an intricate piece if equipment.  A Half Penny shaped of metal is welded to a flat square piece of metal.  This consists of the make up of the Half Penny equipment in the World of Grip created by David Horne.

world of grip training equipment

Half Penny World Record Lifts

Within the World of Grip there are two world records that can be achieved with this equipment.  The first is a lift for weight and the second is a hold for time.  Both of these events require strong pinch grip strength.

Half Penny Training

A way to improve this type of grip strength without the equipment can be done by creating a home made two pence pinch grip.  All you need is a two pence and a S hook.  The two pence needs to be drilled and attached to the S hook.  The other end of the S hook needs to be hooked onto the loading pin holding the weight.  This training tool resembles the half penny world of grip equipment but it is slightly easier due to the surface area on the full penny being larger meaning there is more to pinch.

Half Penny Technique

The best way to grip this World of Grip piece of equipment is to create an L shape with your dominant hands index finger.  Place this finger pressed against the side of the Half Penny.  Then slide your thumb along the square piece of metal and up the other side of the Half Penny.  This will create a tight seal between your thumb and penny ensuring there is no slack skin in between the two objects.  Once this has been done squeezing your thumb and index finger inwards you are ready to lift.  This pinch grip is known as the key pinch hold.

world of grip training equipment

The Gold Bar is the final piece of World of Grip equipment we acquired. We have become extremely fond of this equipment.  The Gold Bar is a sloped sided hollow rectangular piece of metal.

The GoldBar

The Goldbar is a wonderful pinch grip training tool. Widening the lower you get it provides a great challenge for even the biggest of hands.

world of grip training equipment

Gold Bar Lifts and Training Ideas

Again there are two world record chances at this event.  The lift for weight and the hold for time.  The World of Grip Gold Bar is a test of pinch grip but in a larger scale as it requires the use of your full hand.  Other equipment such as the Silarukov Pinch Block can be used alongside the World of Grip Gold Bar. This will help to improve the pinch power in the fingers and thumb.  The reason for this is due to the size of the pinch blocks.  They can be shallower and not as thick. Pinch plates can also be a great way to train your pinch grip.

world of grip training equipment

Gold Bar Technique

The World of Grip Gold Bar is a one handed lift and needs a nice snug fit into the hand to conquer the best lift.  Take your dominant hand and create a downwards U shape.  The Gold Bar needs to fit into this gap between the fingers and thumb.  All the fingers should be placed on one side, whilst your thumb is placed on the other side of this World of Grip equipment.  When placing the fingers on the Gold Bar it is important to keep the fingers closed and together.  Do not allow any gaps to form as this gives a wider surface area working together against the bar.  On the other side keep the pad of the thumb tightly pressed into the Gold Bar.

world of grip training equipment

Trying the make the above aspects happen as well as keeping the bridge of the U shaped hand tight against the flat top section of the bar can be tricky. Practice will allow this great piece of World of Grip equipment to become your friend.  This is the best and most efficient way of lifting this World of Grip equipment.

The MoonTop

Love it or hate it the Moontop is a great piece of equipment. More suited to people with larger hands the Moontop is extremely challenging and you won't be able to lift much weight. World of grip have also released a Globetop which is a larger version of this. We don't yet have it in our collection but keep an eye out as it could be added soon.

Moontop Lifts and Training Ideas

Again there are two world record chances at this event.  The lift for weight and the hold for time.  The World of Grip Moontop is like marmite.. You'll either love it or hate it.

To develop good strength with the Moontop you will need high crush grip strength and support grip to finish the lift. There are not many exercises similar to this lift but by training crush grip effectively you will improve your moontop capability.

The real key is consistency, as there aren't really any similar pieces of equipment it means consistent training with this equipment will enable you to get higher weights.

Moontop Technique

The moontop can seem quite daunting at first, a giant dome staring you in the face. You want to try and get as much of your hand as possible onto the surface, not using too much chalk as this could cause your hand to slip

The HorneTop

Coming soon..

HornTop Lifts and Training Ideas

Hornetop Technique