Why do I need a strong Grip?

A strong grip is crucial for succeeding in your chosen sport and even everyday life.

Simple tasks we take for granted rely on specific types of grip.

Carrying the shopping in requires a support grip, opening your door requires pinch grip and putting the shopping away requires crush grip.

In sport a strong grip is essential to ensure you are able to perform at the highest level.

strong grip

How to train your Grip

Training each part of your grip requires dedication, consistency and the right tools.

This bundle includes some really simple accessories that will boost areas of your grip without breaking the bank, or requiring you to do any exercises too unfamiliar

A great example of this would be the hand grippers, they are perfect for training crush grip and support grip, and if you’ve been reading up on a few of our guides you can even get a little bit of pinch training in too.

grip training

Benefits of a strong Grip

The benefits of a strong grip in sport are endless. The difference a little bit of grip training will make to your overall performance is well worth the time invested. We have all types of athletes train with us from tennis players to golfers to strongmen.

Still not convinced?

Why not give it a go for a week or so, I’m sure you’ll be back for more.

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