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Grip Training Ring - Product Review

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This week's product review is on our ever popular grip training rings.

Available in 6 different resistances these grip rings are a great training aid that can really help enhance not just your grip but also help relieve wrist pain and prevent injuries.

    What Is The Grip Training Ring

    A product that has been massively popular in our store.The grip ring is exactly what its name says. A ring you can grip!

    Used for building strength, improving circulation, preventing and rehabilitating injuries it is small and can be used anywhere. We have even had people tag us stuck in traffic while using them! @godsofgrip

    Created from high quality silicone that is non-toxic and odourless.

    Who Are They For?

    We have found a vast range of people using our grip rings, from school children to bodybuilders. They really are a great versatile accessory that can be used by everyone.

    Strength Athletes

    Useful for warming up in the gym before training, exercises such as bench press and deadlifts will benefit from this.

    Warming up is an essential part of training in the gym. Your wrist strength plays a huge part in bench pressing, you can use wrist wraps to help support but the most effective way is to strengthen your hands and wrists.


    Ultimately a stronger grip is going to improve your tennis game. Improving the strength in your wrists and forearms will allow you to better control your racket meaning more precise shots. 

    Using the grip rings will also help reduce the chances of tennis elbow and symptoms of it. 


    Improving your grip is essential for golf. Especially in the modern game, players are now focusing more in the gym than ever before.

    The grip rings can easily fit into your golf bag. You want a good firm grip on the golf club allowing you to better control your shots. The o-zone gripper is best used before teeing off or between every couple of holes.


    Along with the finger exerciser, the grip ring is one of the best rehabilitation accessories you will find.

    We have provided many grip rings to physiotherapists and people suffering from finger / wrist injuries.

    Everyone says the same thing, they are simply amazing for helping recover and build strength.

    Prevention is the aim, which is why you should use the grip rings regularly. But as a fallback they are also perfect for rehabilitation


    A sport we never initially thought may benefit from our grip rings. We were contacted by a gentleman who had purchased our finger exercises and found they had helped his long distance cycling.

    Using these bands for a few weeks, he has found that the stiffness has reduced during and after cycling. The same effect can be noticed from using the grip rings.

    How To Use Them

    Simple and easy to use. The grip rings simply fit in the palm of your hand. Squeeze it, crush it, do whatever you want with it really. You can perform repetitions or holds. 

    gods of grip grip training rings

    If you are looking to build strength you are best using the higher resistance ring for repetitions. If you are recovering from an injury then it is best to keep the resistance low and repetitions higher.

    gods of grip grip training rings

    Recent Reviews

    We have compiled a list of some recent reviews we have had of our o-zone grip rings.

    “I was recommended by a friend after suffering a thumb injury. They have massively helped my recovery over the last few weeks”

    “Keep them in my gym bag and use regularly. Ideal for warming up and also has helped build wrist strength”

    “I was looking for something to help my son with his handwriting, after speaking to Tom he advised the green grip ring would be best. It has really helped him and now he can grip the pencil properly.”


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