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Finger Exerciser - Product Review

First up on our new Product Review mid week blog is the Finger Exerciser. 

One of our most popular products and a favorite among the Gods Of Grip team.

Available in 3 different resistances;

What Is The Finger Exerciser

A product that has been around for a long time and is now available in all shapes and sizes. The finger exerciser is mainly used to help develop the finger extensors. 

It is used for strengthening the fingers, improving your range of motion and helping to prevent arthritis and pain.

We have found that these exercisers are one of, if not the best training accessories for warming up, recovery and rehabilitation.

Created from high quality silicone, our bands will outlast many other brands due to their cheap manufacturing. 

Who Are They For?

The real question is, who aren’t they for? Our finger exercisers are used by a variety of people involved in many different sports or hobbies.

Strength Athletes

Not only are these bands great for warming up, but they will also help you develop more muscular and defined forearms. Just try opening and closing your hand, you can feel the forearm muscles working. Adding resistance to this will help build the muscles. 

The variety of resistances is great as you get stronger you can up the resistance.


Ultimately a stronger grip is going to improve your tennis game. Improving the strength in your wrists and forearms will allow you to better control your racquet meaning more precise shots. 

On the flip side, using these bands will reduce your risk of tendinitis aka tennis elbow which hampers many players. 


Improving your grip is essential for golf. Especially in the modern game, players are now focusing more in the gym than ever before. The finger exercisers can easily fit into your golf bag. Use it before teeing off for a good warm up or in between holes. You want a good firm grip on the golf club allowing you to better control your shots.


One of the best training tools for rehabilitation. We have provided countless finger exercisers to people recovering from finger / wrist injuries. Everyone says the same thing, they are simply amazing for helping recover. Prevention is the aim, which is why you should use these bands regularly. But as a fallback they are also perfect for rehabilitation


A sport we never initially thought may benefit from our finger exercisers, but after a gentleman contacted us after purchasing the bands we soon saw the benefit. As a regular in Ironman competition he found after the lengthy cycles his hands would stiffen up resulting in discomfort while running. Using these bands for a few weeks, he has found that the stiffness has reduced during and after cycling. 

How To Use Them

Although they can look a little confusing at first, the finger exercisers are really simple to use. Just hook the hoops over your fingers. Using the bottom middle on your thumb. 

finger exerciser

You want them to be on the tips of your fingers, high enough so you get a full range of motion, but low enough so they don't fall off. Once you have attempted it a few times you will find the sweet spot no problem.

Once they are hooked onto your fingers just open up your hand as wide as possible then slowly close it again. Easy! 

finger exerciser

There really is no set routine you have to stick to when using these but if you are using these for rehabilitation purposes then it may be worth keeping a note of your progression.

Recent Reviews

We have compiled a list of some recent reviews we have had of our finger exercisers.

“Easy to use, the green one gives a good full stretch I can feel it in my wrist and forearm. Good for strength”

“Strong and durable, have been using for a few days and my hand already feels better”

“If you suffer from carpal tunnel you have to get these! I can not stress how much they have helped me!”

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