Monthly Grip Challenge December

The Challenge

Decembers challenge is of course on the GripHedz™ Christmas Tree. A festive lift testing every ounce of finger strength.

Lifting Rules

To enter this event you must tag us on Instagram @godsofgrip following the rules below to ensure a valid lift.

  • GripHedz™ Christmas Tree - Unlimited attempts.
  • Lift completed to lockout with a brief pause at the top
  • Weight to be shown before / after the lift on scales
  • Key Pinch Style to be used (index finger & thumb).
  • Watch out for any obvious tilt (this isn't allowed)
December Monthly Challenge Rules


Both categories will win a prize.

  • Mens Open
  • Womens Open


You will win a Mystery Grip Package 📦


  • Coming soon...
  • Coming soon...