Starting Your Own Supplement Company

Starting Your Own Supplement Company

We are David & Micalyn Stout, The Owners of XenoLabs, in Granbury TX.

David Stout

XenoLabs is a Private Label Drop Shipping company that specializes in Health Supplements.

WHY in the world did we get into the print on demand Health Supplement space? Well, my wife & I were College Athletes, and we love health supplements! We love Protein, BCAA’s, EAA’s, Pre-Workout, Collagen, Greens, Multivitamins, Sleep Support…everything. We love health supplements so much, we wanted to put our logo on the bottle and sell them to our family & friends.

Furthermore, we were tired of pushing other people’s brands, we wanted to start our own health supplement line! Have you ever had that feeling?

Did you ever want to put your logo on your own health supplements? Are you tired of promoting other people’s brands? So, my wife & I tried calling / visiting NUMEROUS health supplement manufactures all over the USA.

We went to New York, Florida, California, Texas, everywhere to find the best health supplement manufacturers in the USA. And do you know what the manufactures said to us….?

They said that in order to make our dream into a reality, we had to buy 5,000 units at $12/per bottle. That is $60,000.00 total! We didn’t have $60,000.00 we were just college kids at that time. I told my wife Micalyn Stout, “We should start our own company, and help fitness people just like us start their own health supplement line.” We should combine Private Label with Drop Shipping. That’s what XenoLabs in Granbury TX does.

This is how XenoLabs was born! We help people start their own health supplement line with NO Minimums Required. The set-up fee is only $1,997 and the monthly Xeno membership fee is $97/monthly. We literally do everything for you to get your health supplement brand Up and Running.

We make your labels, your image mock-ups, your API Integration into our fulfillment software. It is stress free. We are so proud of what we have built because we are really making a difference in people’s lives.

You can start your own Health Supplement Line today and put your logo on the bottle with XenoLabs in Granbury TX!