Why Seniors Should Care About Their Grip Strength

Why Seniors Should Care About Their Grip Strength

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Most of the time you would expect people such as rock climbers, strength athletes and arm wrestlers to talk about the importance of grip strength. We have been busy researching grip strength and it's benefits.

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As we have been learning and understanding more and more about grip strength It has become apparent just how important your grip strength is, not just for general life, but your overall health.

The beauty about grip training is there are no limits on how you can train. As we get older your grip will undoubtedly decrease over time. A lot of people will experience a dramatic decline in grip strength as they get older.

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We have a line of products which have been extremely popular with seniors. They have helped many people and we feel they will really help develop and maintain grip strength even as you get older.

Decreased Risk Of Disease

From doing some in depth research we have found many study's and articles linking a healthy grip to a healthy heart. A stronger grip has been linked to reductions in several diseases such as;

  • Heart Attacks
  • Strokes
  • Arthritis

Research shows that a decrease in grip strength can increase the risk of dying from a heart attack by 17%. The risk of experiencing a heart attack or stroke also increases by around 7% - 9%.

A stronger grip generally signifies more muscle mass. A higher muscle mass is associated with a higher level of activity which is represents better overall health. This ultimately reduces the risk of a heart attack or stroke.

Improved Day To Day Life

When you actually think about it, your hands are used almost constantly throughout the day. Simple things such as opening the fridge door, turning the tap on and pouring yourself a drink all require grip strength.

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These simple day to day tasks are things we take for granted. But as we get older and our grip strength declines, these simple tasks can become quite challenging.

The key to maintaining and developing your grip is by keeping active and using training accessories which are all very easy to use.

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Reduced Risk Of Arthiritis

From what we have heard and learned from our research is that arthritis is a huge worry and pain for not only seniors but a lot of people.

Reduced Risk Of Arthiritis

One of the main benefits from training your grip is the reduced risk of arthritis. It can also help reduce the symptoms and pain associated. We have provided many accessories for people whose pain has greatly reduced in just a matter of days.

The design of some grip training accessories promotes blood flow and circulation around the hand causing the muscles used to pump fresh blood and nutrients into the cells. This helps maintain and grow the muscles used.

How To Improve Grip Strength

There are many different exercises you can do that can help improve your grip strength and help maintain it.

Star Grippers

Available in 3 different resistances star grippers are a big team favorite. The shape of the star allows it to sit comfortably in your hand when squashing it. 

star grip training

They are available in 3 resistances, yellow being the easiest which is comfortable for most people to squash.

star grip training

The points of the stars can go between the fingers allowing maximum coverage of the hand and muscles used. 

Grip Training Rings

A product that has been massively popular in our store. The grip training rings are exactly what its name says.

grip training ring

A ring you can grip! Used for building strength, improving circulation, preventing and rehabilitating injuries it is small and can be used anywhere.

grip training ring

The lower resistance of these grip rings allows you to start off low and build up your strength.

Adjustable Hand Gripper

The adjustable hand gripper has been around a long time, and is still becoming increasingly popular.

adjustable hand gripper

The handle on gripper allows you to change the resistance to suit your current strength level.

adjustable hand gripper

This is why we have recommended them for seniors to use. They can build up strength and see just how much they are progressing.

adjustable hand gripper

Training your grip is easy and only takes a few minutes each day.

Not only will you notice a big difference in your strength hopefully you will see an improvement in your overall health too!

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