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IronMind Nails - Short Steel Bending

IronMind nails are some of the most popular for short steel bending. Available in 5 different levels, there is room for progression. For most people the red / gold nails will be out of reach. But practice makes perfect...

official ironmind nails

We will go through the different types of nail and some techniques that you can use for short steel bending.

IronMind Nails

Level 1 - IronMind White Nails

Starting off with the easiest of the bunch. White nails are 6" long and 5mm wide. They are still quite a challenge for most people, but if you are a regular gym goer then you should be able to bend, if not snap this nail with relative ease. They are a great place to start and learn how to bend short steel.

Level 1 - IronMind White Nails

You can identify this nail by checking out the coloring on either end, just like the picture below. 

Level 2 - IronMind Green Nails

The green nails are 4mm wide and slightly shorter in length. They measure in at 5" long compared to the white nails which are 6" long.

The shortened length makes this slightly harder to bend and get a good grip on. It will require more hand strength and technique.

Level 2 - IronMind Green Nails

If you are just looking to bend this nail it will still be very similar to the white but it is definitely tougher to snap as it can be tough due to the length of the nail. 

Level 3 - IronMind Yellow Nails

This is where things start to get exciting, the yellow nail is comparable to a “60d nail”.

The yellow nails measure up at 7" long and 5mm wide. I would still say a lot of regular gym goers would definitely be able to bend the yellow nails.

Level 3 - IronMind Yellow Nails

Snapping may be a little challenging as it required a different style of cardio and explosive strength.

Yellow nails are a great way to improve your technique and training, after all, practice makes perfect. 

Level 4 - IronMind Blue Nails

A similar progression compared to White > Green, the blue nail is the same diameter as the yellow at 5mm wide.

Level 4 - IronMind Blue Nails

But the difference is the length, slightly shorter at 6" long it makes the bend slightly more challenging.

You’ll need to bend a lot of nails to prepare for the next level up.

IronMind Red Nails

These are a real challenge. It is very unlikely that a regular person would even be able to budge this nail. At 7mm wide and 7" long it boasts an intimidating figure when laid on the table.

Red Nails are so advanced you can actually get a certification for bending one, under competition rules.

IronMind Red Nails

So far the list has only around 150 successful bends and has been running since 1995. 

Once you have perfected your technique it’s all about building strength in the hands and wrist. 

IronMind Gold Nails

The ultimate short steel challenge set by IronMind is their Gold Nail. This beast measures a meaty 10mm wide and 8.5" long. If you thought the Red Nail was tough.. Prepare for a world of pain.

IronMind Gold Nails

Gold Nails will take years of dedication to short steel bending and hundreds of bends to reach this level.

Especially in courdura wraps, but we will get into that a little further down. 

Different Types Of Wraps

Unless your hands are made from leather, you’re going to need to get a pair of wraps.

These are used for wrapping around the ends of your short steel. Mainly to protect your hands from being impaled by the end of the steel.

Depending on the bend and force required there are a few different types and ways you can wrap your steel.

Suede Leather Wraps

Great for most types of steel bending, provide great protection and feel pretty comfortable.

suede leather bending wraps

They can be wrapped tightly to ensure there won’t be and slips. 

Cordura Wraps

Most popularly the IronMind wraps are made from cordura. They provide a medium protection, not as thick as the suede material but still do the job.

ironmind bending pads

They allow you to really feel the steel and earn the bend.

To get certified on the red / gold nail you're going to need a pair of these.

How To Wrap Your Steel

There are a few key pointers you need to adhere to to ensure you get a good wrap. 

Chalk It Up

Chalk up the inside of the wrap, this will grip onto the steel and minimize any slipping and the chances of the wrap coming loose or sliding off. 

chalked bending wraps

Wrap It Tight

This is a big one, wrap it tight.

Loose wraps just don’t work effectively, you are going to waste unnecessary energy and lessen your chances of getting a solid bend / snap.

loose bending wraps

You need to keep tension on both sides of the wrap when rolling it in.

tight bending wraps

There are a couple of ways you can ensure a tight wrap on your steel.

Check them out:

Use Your Feet

With the wrap on the floor stand on the far end of the wrap and pull it tight, lay the steel on the other end and wrap up towards your foot. This will ensure a tight wrap.

using feet to wrap steel

Use Some Weight

Take a weight plate or kettlebell, you’re basically going to want to use a weight instead of your foot. Place the weight on the far end of the wrap. Pull it tight and start wrapping from the end closest to you.

using weight to wrap steel

Use A Friend

This is a nice easy way to get a tight wrap. Get your friend to pull one end tight while you start wrapping from the other end. 

use a friend to wrap steel

Where To Get IronMind Nails?

We recently added the full line of the IronMind nails to our store. As mentioned above there are 6 different levels available.

We offer these at the best price available.

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