Home Gym Equipment - Our Top 5 Affordable Accessories

Home Gym Equipment - Our Top 5 Affordable Accessories

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This weeks blog focuses on how you can best kit out your home gym with some affordable equipment.

Now that a lot more people are experiencing the joy's of training from home. We're going to give you our top 5 essential pieces of home gym equipment.

We built our Grip Shed in 2018 and we haven't looked back since. Its been our mecca and we've compiled a list of our top 5 essentials for you to take a look at.
If you want to check our some videos of us in the Grip Shed, head over to our Instagram.

Most of you should already have the basics like barbells, weight plates, bench, rack etc. But hopefully our top 5 will give you some great ideas on how you can improve your home gym.

Hand Grippers

Our number 1 product and an essential for your home gym. Hand grippers are easy to use, small and give great results.

hand grippers

One of the major factors most of us experience when building a home gym is a lack of space. Hand grippers are small, easy to carry around and you can literally just hang them on the wall. They won't be taking up any precious floor space.

closing a hand gripper

You can use them for warming up, cooling down, or if you're just looking to improve your grip.

If you want some advise on how to use your grippers, check out our hand gripper tag.

hand gripper

We've put these as number one for our home gym equipment as they tick all the boxes!

  • Take up minimal space
  • Give great results
  • Easily affordable
  • Add a splash of colour

Resistance Bands

Coming in at a very close number 2 on our top 5 home gym equipment products are.. Drum roll.. Resistance bands. We have a huge variety in the grip shed. All different shapes, sizes, thicknesses and lengths. They are an extremely versatile piece of equipment.

They can be used for warming up before training, we've listed a couple of really simple exercises below.

Shoulder Mobility

This stretch is great for warming up your shoulders before a bench / pressing session. Really simple to perform, ideally this is done with a low tension resistance band.

resistance bands shoulder mobility

Wrist Curls

Ideal for warming up your wrist / forearms. This is an exercise you could perform daily that will not only help you warm up, but also improve wrist mobility and forearm muscularity.

wrist curls using resistance bands

Depending on if you're warming up or turning this into an exercise, you should choose your band's tension accordingly.

wrist curls using resistance bands


It's back day. What better to warm up than with some banded rows. They will help you get the blood flowing and prepare you for a big dead lift session.

The same principal applies to the bands as the hand grippers, the'y wont take up floor space! Hang them off the wall and not only will they take up minimal space, but they look good!

Fat Gripz

We recently teamed up with Fat Gripz and can now confirm we are an authorized re-seller.

fat gripz barbell

We will often add Fat gripz into our clients programs on a weekly basis. They are a fantastic product and offer a wide variety of benefits.

fat gripz on a barbell

Once again they are a small product so won't take up much space and can serve a multitude of lifts.

  • Deadlifts
  • Rows
  • Pull Downs
  • Curls

Not only will they give you a huge forearm pump, they will really test out your grip strength and help develop support / crush grip. As with all of our recommended products on this list they are easy to store away as part of your home gym equipment.

Grip Tools

 An essential part of any gripsters home gym. The grip tools! We have a great and growing range of grip tools.

grip tool collection

Loading Pin

To start you're going to need a loading pin. These are used to hold the weight and attach to your grip tools.

Pinch Training

Essential grip tools for focusing on your pinch are pinch blocks and hubs.

pinch grip block Available in a variety of shapes and sizes you can select the perfect one depending on your goals.

Crush Training

Tools such as rolling handles and axles are the perfect tools for training your crush grip. Rolling handles are extremely versatile tools and can be used for pull ups, rows, single arm deadlifts and wrist curls.

Support Training

You can use grip tools to perform holds for time or high repetition sets. This will help develop your support grip by increasing your muscular endurance.

Pull Up Bar

Another relatively small piece of equipment you should be able to add to your home gym equipment selection.

pull up bar

Most of the time if you have a power rack, you should be able to add a pull up bar relatively easy. If not you may have to get the drill out.

Typical examples of exercises you can perform are: 

  • Pull Ups
  • Hangs
  • Pull Downs
  • Resistance Band Work

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