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Essential Hand Grippers - Our Honest Opinion

As we lay rest to the original Godlike Hand Grippers first released in 2018. We introduce a new range, The Essential Hand Grippers.


Here at Gods Of Grip our aim is to try and provide the best grip training products, advice, create innovative training styles whilst most importantly, having fun.

We discontinued the original Godlike Grippers earlier this year due to issues with the grippers we werent happy with. The original versions of the Godlike Grippers we're actually really good, however in the last year we found spring inconsistency, poor knurling and just honestly not what we wanted.

The last batch of grippers we received werent even released on our site due to us just not being happy providing sub par equipment. If we're not happy training with the equipment then we're not happy for anyone to use it.

Developing The Elite

This led us to create the Elite Series Grippers which are exactly the sort of quality we want to provide and most importantly train with.

Nasty knurling, thick handles, excellent quality springs and just a really nice feel. I also feel like the anodised grippers are far too common now, the Silver and Black really creates a nice look. We took inspiration from the original Atom Gripz.

Making products in the UK comes with a much higher cost. At the time this was honestly quite daunting for us. But we are now so happy with the results and how appreciated these grippers are.

Budget Friendly

Even with the Godlike Grippers discontinuation we still really wanted to provide a more budget friendly option for newcomers to grip. We know you just want to get a gripper and crush the life out of it. This is where the imported grippers fit perfectly. For us it was a case of finding the best quality and consistency we could. With a lot of testing we've come to the decision these are the best.

I know this isn't the usual style for hyping up a product but I would rather be honest and say exactly how it is.

Elite Vs Essential

There's honestly no real comparison we could do as the Elite Hand Grippers blow the Essential Range out the water. It's all about personal choice and your current goals.

If you're new to grip training, looking for a Hand Gripper to have some fun, train every now and again. The Essential range is perfect. If you're a serious grip trainer looking to train consistently and really develop strength, it's worth spending that little extra on the Elite Series. You won't regret it!


For those of you that have taken the time to read this, thank you. I hope you can understand my motives for writing this and understand the point im trying to make. 

Yours in Grip,


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