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GripTopz - HorneTop GripTopz - HorneTop
GripTopz - Half Penny GripTopz - Half Penny
GripTopz - The Fence Post GripTopz - The Fence Post
GripTopz - Stub GripTopz - Stub
GripTopz - Stub
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GripTopz - Shallow Hub GripTopz - Shallow Hub
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GripTopz - Gold Bar Pinch Lift Top GripTopz - Gold Bar Pinch Lift Top
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GripTopz - Loading Pin
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GripTopz - GlobTop GripTopz - GlobTop
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GripTopz - MoonTop

World Of Grip x Gods Of Grip

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We are the only official manufacturer and retailer of World Of Grip training equipment.

We take massive pride in bringing these wonderful, high quality grip tools to your fingertips.

What Are GripTopz?

Interchangeable tops that fasten easily onto the Olympic loading pin by means of a bolt and nut. Please note that the loading pin is painted but the Topz are not; this is to ensure that every set is identical and seasons in the same manner for competition and record purposes.